Experience w/Restoration Hardware?????

Forum_LurkerNovember 20, 2005


I have my eye on a catalog item offered at Restoration Hardware. It's a $3K solid oak dining room table, supposingly made in France. It looks nice and has the sytling I'm looking for.

I did a quick search on the net and eopinions and found that this company has a lot of complaints with regard to customer service/delivery/availablility of items. Has anyone here ordered furniture from this company with good results?


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I ordered all our bathroom faucets from them. Waited and waited. Needed the shower faucets so the pressure values could be installed for an inspection. I called and they were "waiting to do one shipment!" I had ordered 3 faucets and 2 shower sets...they requested them to be sent "as available" and we received them in time. Ordered two additional faucets later without any problems other than taking 2 wks to be delivered.

Although I am happy with the products purchased, I was not pleased with the time it took to get the items.

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I LOVE the table you are considering! I think that whole Laurent line is gorgeous! We bought a king size oak bed from them over a year ago. It is beautiful, seems to be good quality. Delivery was delayed, but I think they compensated me for the trouble. An oak cd tower was delivered damaged. They replaced this with a new one. I have been happy with my purchases from RH. If I were a rich woman, I'd order more from them!

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Don't order from this outfit if you value your time and sanity!!!! I've had trouble with them every time I've ordered, over many years, and I always swear I'll never oder again. And then they have a sale and I figure I'll give it another try, and I get screwed again.

Latest drama -- ordered a teak chair, ottoman and cushions online. No e-mail confirmation, so I check by phone. No record of order. Loads of my time wasted. Meanwhile, I get e-mail saying the chair is backordered (still have no e-mail record of my order)...AFTER I've already gotten a phone call scheduling the delivery of said chair, etc. A week later I get e-mail saying that the whole set has been shipped to me, while the chair, ottoman and cusions are sitting on my deck already. After many calls to RH and much waiting on hold, I'm told I should just "refuse" the shipment(s). Since part of it is UPS and will be left at my gate, I will have to phone RH for a pick up authorization...more wasted time.

Went into a store recently to get help ordering curtain panels, and was rebuffed by the saleswoman who threw a catalog at me and said they were "catalog only", and then gave entirely wrong (and reluctant...lots of sighing and rolling of eyes) answers to my few questions. Went home and ordered online -- panels and hardware, for well over $1k. Site says everything is in stock. Get e-mail couple days later saying that one curtain panel is no longer available. Call to confirm this and, after getting a supervisor because the clerk is too obtuse, request that the order be cancelled since it can't be completed. She says she has done so. Two days later I get two e-mails saying that the items have shipped, and that they shipped after the supervisor claimed she stopped the order. I phone (10 minutes on hold) and am told that I should call and get return authorization numbers for the items when they arrive...more time wasted.

BTW, I was offered a large gift certificate for my troubles when I complained to the surpervisor. The thing is, this has been offered to me before (twice), and gift certificates have never arrived.

Previous probelems with RH -- furniture arriving damaged, and the replacements also damaged...three times in a row. Large furniture not completely assembled by delivery people, so that I had to finish the job. Christmas orders lost and forgotten (never order at holiday time!), which took literally hours of my time waiting on hold. A few years back I ordered a custom fireplace screen that was delayed for more than half a year before I finally demanded a refund/order cancellation. No one at RH had caught the fact that the order was never completed. I had to waste my own time following up.

How this company stays in business is anyone's guess. I suppose that's why they need to have such good sales. They tick everyone off and lure them back with a good price reduction. I've decided once and for all that it's not worth it. Their merchandise is just not exceptional enough to put up with such idiocy. There is far better furniture out there from far better companies.

As for the plumbing, don't bother. I ordered a faucet and tub/shower set two years ago and returned them because they were rubbish. The buttons that said hot and cold were (I kid you not) stick-ons (fyi, they should screw on)! All RH does is repackage plumbing from another supplier. You pay extra for the pretty box!

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Wow -- My experiences have been quite different. Helpful, knowledgeable salespeople, excellent quality, and very good customer service. But then, I go to the store, not online. Perhaps it's different?

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i've also had excellent customer service. i got the caiman bed/nightstands as well as a large set of monogrammed towels. my only complaint is the inability to track items on line. the shipping is somewhat slow, but the quality of the items i purchased is fantastic.

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I've ordered several items online from RH (faucet set, bathroom accessories, lots of towels, armchair for my desk) and have never had a problem. They are slow, that's true. Last night I ordered several towels and bath mats and had the confirmation email almost immediately. When I placed the order one item was on back order - this popped up as soon as I clicked "order". It was repeated in the email, and just now I received another email reminding me of that fact again.

My experience is that their merchandise is of excellent quality. DH scrubs himself really vigorously with wash cloths when he showers, turns them into rags so fast that I usually order three or four with any towel set. He has yet to make a dent on the RH ones. And I've had the armchair for over a year, and despite my sitting in it and the cats racing over and across it, it still looks like new.

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We bought a velvet couch off the floor at our local store for a great price: 1599 reduced from 2349. Seems to be good quality so far. I did have a problem with the local delivery service they used...it was HORRIBLE!!! Scratched our floors in one spot, dragged it off the truck and left dirt marks on the couch, which I was able to get off by gently rubbing with a white towel. Since they didn't really damage the couch (just got it a little dirty) and our floor already had scratches I didn't complain. HOWEVER, we got a follow up "how are we doing?" phone call and I think if I had insisted I would have gotten some sort of payment or certificate back.
FYI: On the decorating forum everyone raves about RH's towels. No pilling no wear, etc. Long lasting. If you are interested.

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the towels are fab--however--i had to order the actual "bath towels". i had the "bath sheets", and they were so heavy and large my elderly mama couldn't use them. she had to resort to using the hand towels. how embarrassing!!!! i was just trying to be lux!!!!

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Larry Wasson

We have nothing but compliments for Restoration Hardware. Our town is small with very few furniture stores. So far we have bought Restoration's leather sofa, leather buster chair and ottoman, numerous towels, a couple of duvet covers, and miscellaneous decorating items. Their customer service at our Eureka CA store is excellent. If I want a catalog item, they order for me with no problems.

Yesterday I bought six Hudson dining room chairs upholstered in microfiber at 60% - 70% discount. Two of them are a side wing back style. The prices were discounted because they were floor samples. Was unfamilar with microfiber, looks like ultra-suede, so they gave me a sample to test at home. Poured a glass of water on the sample fabric with no problem, then a cup of coffee, then a glass of wine. All three just ran off the fabric and left no stain. Fantastic material.

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I would generally not recommend Restoration Hardware for any case goods or wood furniture. I have been to their warehouse sale (we live near the East Coast Warehouse) where things were up to 80 or 90% off. The prices were still not worth it for these items. Many items were damaged, and revealed the "inner workings" of the cabintery. Many of the paneled sides were particleboard (on a $3000 piece of furniture!) and the finishes were terrible. If you plan on never touching your furniture, this might be fine.

My experience has been with Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and the like, that the wood pieces are just not worth the price at all. You will be much better of researching local or regional furniture makers who take pride in their work, produce an outstanding product (finish, durability, aesthetics, and structure) that is far better quality, and usually a much better price.

I do however think that the upholstered goods can be quality. Eight way hand tied springs and kiln dried hardwood doweled frames are usually a good bet.

Just my 2 cents!

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This has nothing to do with furniture, but I thought I would share my experience with Restoration Hardware's customer service.

In early July, I ordered several items from RH, which arrived quickly. A few days later, all three items went on sale. The total difference in cost was $65, and I wrote to RH to request a price adjustment. The first email response I received from RH customer service said that they honor sale prices for orders placed within 30 days of the sale, but they said the price difference was only $45. I responded by specifically adding up both the sale prices and my invoiced costs to show that the difference was in fact $65. RH replied with an email saying that "a request to have the appropriate price adjustments has been made" and that I should see a credit within 3-5 business days. Twelve days later, I received a credit for $50.

In response to another email asking about the discrepancy, RH apologized for the error and promised to credit the remaining $15 shortly. As of today (which is 16 days after the most recent e-mail from RH), I still havent received the remaining $15. Thus, I wrote to them a fourth time and am now waiting for a response.

Some possible explanations, from most to least charitable:

1) theyÂre very disorganized

2) their staff canÂt count

3) their strategy is to keep not giving you what they promise, hoping that you will eventually give up.

The merchandise itself was pretty nice, but their customer service could do with some improvement.

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I ordered sectional leather sofa. It was delayed for 4 months, I was compensated by slashing total price down by 1k. Finally it arrived - the 2 pieces of sectional had a completely different die - one brompt. cocoa, the other something like bourbon. Got a replacement - same thing, variation on the die - brompt. cocoa for one piece, jackson cinnamon for the other. Talked to manager in the store, we agreed they probably cant make a sectional with matching die for me and I got refunded. It was crazy.

A friend of mine ordered a mirror from them online. It arrived with a crack. They sent it back, got a replacement - with exact same crack! I bet it was the same mirror. Third mirror was good though.

Sometiems I am tempted to buy something at sales times, but the sectional horror still hunts me :)

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A brief followup to my RH adventures--

I ordered some cabinet knobs last month, and they finally arrived yesterday. They are lovely, except that both are also dented. When I called customer service and found out that these knobs are now backordered until November, I started asking about how to return them for a refund. The rep's initial response was "can you use them anyways?" I.e., we've shipped you a defective product, but maybe you don't mind?

I'm going to my local RH store this evening to drop off the knobs in person, before deciding whether to wait 3 months for replacements. Hopefully I'll find alternative knobs at the store that I can personally inspect before buying.

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Ugh. Horrible. I found two beautiful medicine cabinets on their website and they were on sale for $149 each ($100 off the original price). It seemed like a great deal compared to what I've seen, so I ordered them. I got an order confirmation, but didn't get a shipping confirmation until the day they arrived. I opened the first one, and there appeared to be wood stain trapped behind the mirror. It was just a small spot, and I figured I could live with it. Then, when I opened the second one, there was a huge (about 8" in diameter) spot of stain smack in the center of the mirror. Not something I would expect from a RH product (FYI, they were made in China).

Customer service was pretty helpful, scheduled a pickup of the boxes (which were a NIGHTMARE to re-pack, by the way) and arranged for replacements to be sent. Well, I received the replacements, and they were even worse! Well, at least one of them was - knowing how hard they were to re-pack, I wouldn't even open the other one.

I decided not to risk it again, so I called and let the CSR know that these were damaged worse than the first set, and I'd like to have them picked up and cancel my order. I expected to hear her say, "Are you sure? I apologize for any inconvenience, is there something we can do?" But, instead, she said, "OK."

At the end of the call, I asked if the amount I spent would be refunded to my credit card, and she tried to tell me it already had been. Well, it hasn't been. I'm expecting to have to run around in circles on this one...

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Not something I would expect from a RH product

This sounds like your first purchase from RH, and if so, why would you have that expectation? Because they print stylish catalogs and have stores in all the best malls? This is what we call milking the brand and its a sad thing to hear. I really am sorry to hear of your inconvenience and shame on them.

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Ive bought 4 different pieces (on 4 different occasions) from RH (The Buster Chair...The Buster ottoman...The Palladian Bed...The Palladian Dresser) The items were exactly as described...delivered within the time window..undamaged. I have found the staff to be wonderfully polite and knowledgeable in the product. Ive only done business with the store (Green Hills Mall, Nashville) never ordered anything thru the catalogue. Ill be back!

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My advice (based upon working for Resto corporate and a recent purchase I just made): DO NOT purchase anything that is both 1) on sale and 2) on backorder. You will not receive the product (and the item should be removed from the site). Unfortunately they do not have sophisticated systems that remove items when out of stock and discontinued. Items generally are ONLY put on sale when discontinued (either for the season or permanently). I just had a months long battle trying to receive some curtains that were on sale only to find out (after multiple emails to customer service and everyone in the corporate office) that the item was out of stock. I received FOUR different revised ship dates from customer service. They are trained to tell customers items will ship in 'TWO TO THREE WEEKS' when they have no information!!!!

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Restoration Hardware is a nightmare. My son ordered furniture from them; the wait was intolerable and the wrong things were sent. Worse of all, there was one delivery person who could not carry the furniture up to one set of stairs. Lucky my son is strong and did not mind playing 'moving man.' Their systems are terrible - I'm currently struggling with a rug order (outside rug discolored and useless after 4 months of use) from July and they are telling me that's in their 'old system' and they can't access it. I can pull it right up in my RH account but there is no reference number or even date there I can give them. Further, they are saying that because it was more than 90 days I'm stuck with this rug that had a latent defect not apparent until 4-5 months later. Their stuff is beautiful but who needs this kind of service?

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I once ordered some bedding from the website that was on sale. The color I found to be not what I expected, so I took the items(along with the included return slip) to the local store, where the manager informed me that I should see a credit on my charge card within 3-5 business days. After that time and more had passed, I called the toll-free number with return receipt in hand to inquire about the refund. The woman who answered claimed that they had probably received the bedding, but because they were taking inventory they would not be able to credit me for another stated period of time. All in all, I had to make several phone calls and wait several weeks to get my stupid credit.

Some of the their merchandise is attractive to me, and if I see it in the store on sale I will buy it. For example, I just bought a cozy throw on sale for $39 I think and I love it. I do like some of their furniture but I would really have to think twice before ordering, given my past experience with them.

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I don't know how they stay in business.

When they were running a bath sale, I called to order some accessories. They were backordered 3 months and the sale had just started. We ordered a br light fixture during a light sale and waited about 9 weeks. Totally ridiculous.

In June, I had returned a finial from an outside umbrella. I still have not recieved the replacement. I was told it was BO'd and would be shipped out in Sept, than Nov, and then Dec.

I'm done with them.

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Just had to add my .02 worth. I had a fantastic experience with RH. We ordered the Camden bedroom set and the Sales person worked with us to coordinate our delivery schedule with the closing of our house. They bent over backwards to make sure we got it on the right day. The furniture is really beautiful and solid. I wanted to make sure the good stories got out there too! ;c)

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I ordered some towel bars prematurely, the remodel tool longer than planned (!!) and when I decided they were the wrong length and got different sizes, the 90 days was up. They still won't take them back, even though they are still in the package, were never so much as unpacked, and they are still selling the same item NEW. So it makes no sense, but does not give me warm fuzzy feelings toward the company. They did tell me, however, that I could try taking them back to the store, even though the store does not carry the ORB finish, because the stores have "more discretion" in this than the online guys do. Worth a try...

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Damage, damage everywhere....and with almost every order. Furniture arrives damaged or is damaged by the local yokels that they use for their "white glove" service. Refund takes longer than it should and requires multiple phone calls. Do not buy from these guys....save yourself the headache.

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We ordered nursery set over Thanksgiving holiday...I was due beginning of April and figured that would allow plenty of time. The web site claimed that I could get it within a couple of weeks. After a few days, they notified me that the crib was on back order until end of Jan and other pieces until mid-Feb. Jan 31st I called to see what the status was. The rep told me she called me and left a message on Jan 28th (a lie) to inform me that the nursery set is on back order again until late April. I was so upset and canceled the order that day. Four days later, after frantically looking for a new nursery pieces, my husband called to see if RH could do anything to get the crib to us earlier. They told him that since I canceled the order and would have to reorder, I lost my spot in line and would not be able to get the set until end of July. Another 6 months?!?!? Horrible customer service!!!!! I will never buy another item from them again!!!

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I had a wonderful experience with them with medicine cabinets. They shipped wonderfully. I didn't like the hardware so they gave me two credits and these items were on sale and the sale had ended when I bought them but they gave me the sale price. Everyone I spoke to on the phone were very polite and they followed through with everything they promised promptly. Sorry to hear about the bad experiences. I would say to someone if you've shopped around and really want to purchase from them do so ideally if there is a sale because of this economy and state concerns you've heard because they do have people working in management with authority who will listen and care and I have experienced the complete opposite in the same time period from other companies such as Macy's for one.

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The problem with Restoratin Hardware is that for all their glamorous catalogues and well laid out stores, this is a mail order company with an attitude. We ordered thousands of dollars of furniture for our house and half the furniture arrived damaged - when it arrived. We waited up to 8 weeks for towels and are still waiting more than 5 months for a piece of furniture. In addition, they actually ship fragile items like mirrors and certain large items including some furniture by UPS instead of using "white glove" delivery. For the prices they charge, that is unforgivable. When one calls to complain, they give one patronizing excuse after another.

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Last September I bought the Grand Balustrade oak dining table. It took a couple of months to get it and and when it arrived we realized that the European wood table was actually made in China, as is almost all their stuff even though they advertise it as reclaimed wood from France/England/Belgium, etc. They actually ship wood to China and it is made there.

Anyway, after only a month of having the table, it started to crack down the sides because the glue was deteriorating (on the unadvertised construction method of glued veneered strips of wood). There were soon 15 cracks up one side of the table and 17 down the other side. I called customer service in December and asked for a replacement table. I was told the table was back-ordered until June, but at that time a new table would be sent and the old one would be picked up. So I actually waited the 6 months for the new replacement table. 3 times during those 6 months the delivery company called to pick my damaged table up, but I told them I was waiting for the replacement....In mid-June, I hadn't heard from them, so I called RH again to find out where the table was. This time I was told they would NOT make the exchange for a damaged item if I didn't first take pictures of the damage and e-mail them to someone who would determine whether the item was in fact damaged. Now, I finally got REALLY mad. If that was the case, I should have known about that in December, when I first called. Also, I am the consumer, so if I say the piece is broken, then it is broken! The representative was so unconcerned about my situation, and she kept on repeating herself, "I'm sorry, but that is the policy. You will need to e-mail pictures to us so we can first determine whether it is damaged." It was infuriating. After finally getting to speak to a manager (Lisa), I was told they would actually make the exchange. Now I said I just wanted my money back. I've been feeding my family and guests on a badly cracked and broken table for 6 months and I was not interested in waiting any longer. She said they'd pick the table up and within 3-5 business days later I would see a credit on my credit card statement. Well, two weeks after picking the table up, I still don't have the money credited back on my statement. So I called today and was told that they had the old, cracked table, but that the person I had spoken with (Lisa) didn't work there anymore, so I had slipped through the cracks. What???? Is there really NO efficient system in place for managing orders or returns? The representative said she fixed it and that now I should see a credit in 3-5 business days.....I hope that is true. What a pain in the butt. From now on I will never buy anything from RH again unless I can walk out of the store with it in my hand. Furniture advertised as European, but actually made out of cheap glue and construction in China and sold at premium prices is definitely NOT the road I'll take in the future.

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Unfortunately I have heard similar horror stories about RH - after alot of research on kitchen & D/R tables/chairs I got mine from a company called Saloom - excellent quality & made in America. Check them out if you haven't found something yet.

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Have ordered quite a few items from them recently including a dining room table, chairs, a very large media center and console table. While I completely agree that they are essentially a mail order company, I have no complaints with service or delivery. Received everything we ordered on a timely basis and the delivery guys were great. Was certainly hesitant after reading some of the reviews above, but I thankfully didn't experience any of those issues. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I did go in store to place the various orders.

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Overpriced junk..... with no customer service.
Carmel outdoor dining set falling apart after 1 year!

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Geez! I have tons of their products and love all of them. I've never had a problem with shipping or service. I'm especially swooned by my new kitchen chairs.

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Just an FYI~~most of RH furniture comes from a warehouse store here in Austin called Four Hands. The Tuesday Morning stores carry several of their pieces which sell for a whole LOT less. Definitely check our TM before making a purchase from RH. ;o)

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I wanted their 17th Century Monastery Dining Room table. These tables are sold as solid wood. I could not decide on the finish I wanted so I made the trip into Houston to go see the table in person. That table was not on display but I was brought to other tables with "similar finish". I sat at the sample table for about 10 minutes while my sales rep went to do something. I loved the real wood and I was satisfied that the finishes I saw in person would be close enough to what I would be ordering. I went ahead and placed my order. My ordered was filled and delivered as promised. However.....the table top is NOT solid wood. It a definitely a veneer. I am super disappointed. I actually thought that maybe I had just dreamt it was solid wood (that wouldn't be a surprise to me as I can make dumb mistakes!). So I accepted delivery. Couple days later I went back on line and yes indeed it said SOLID wood with no mention of a veneer. I am going to call them but a week or more has passed and I am not sure what their policy will be about a return at this point. Very misleading since the store employee sat me at a solid wood table and took my order but never mentioned mine would not be solid wood. Worse yet is the lack of this detail on their product description.

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I have a ton of their stuff. All has arrived on time, undamaged. Maybe I just got lucky.

The quality has been as advertised except for a coffee table- i probably should have returned it. The stain is some kind of powder that rubs off! Made in china.

We built our home and most of our cabinet hardware is from RH as well as 5 medicine cabinets, large clock, window treatments, window hardware, outdoor firetable, side table & bench. I did not purchase one item at full price.

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Very Bad. The customer service people have zero 'I care factor'.

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Just made our first purchase with RH. Was in the market for a media console for our new TV just after Thanksgiving.

Went to the local store, as we wanted to see the piece we were getting. They didn't have the media console, but had a sideboard in the same collection (Printmaker's). Once our minds was at ease, our sales girl walked us through the rest.

I was actually impressed. She placed the order, took care of shipping/delivery, took our payment, and emailed us copies of the receipt from her iPad. She even told us about some special codes to help reduce our cost. No long lines and felt more like personalized dedicated service vs the typical retail experience.

We was hoping to have before Christmas, but was advised there was a 3-4 week window and there was no guarantees. We were pleasantly surprised to get a call just shy of 2 weeks later to schedule our delivery!

The place is expensive, but our experience was good. I would consider buying there again.

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