Floor guy screw up...what now?

murpharooJune 30, 2013

Long story short....4 years ago new oak floors installed w stain and poly. Poly began peeling right away because stain not dry when poly done. Guy was crazy, we cut out losses.

Now got a recommendation for someone else. Paid to have all furniture moved out of house into a pod. Floors started 10 days ago. Sanded, stained and first coats of poly. Came back from vacation and they look Terrible. Not dark like we agreed and lots of light patches. Only when i said it sucked did he agree blamed it on humidity and rush of us coming back He wants to resand and redo. Said stain dragged when put on poly. We have 2 little kids and a dog compounding this.

1. Have him redo and pay to stay in hotel while being done.
2. Do the whole floor ourselves but in sections
3. Get someone else.
4. Spot sand and stain the screwed up parts
5. Mix stain into poly to go over lighter parts. (his idea)
6. Other choices?

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Floor light spots

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Well there are a few options you could do. If he resands theres the possibility he screws up again. If you want dark floors there are certain tips most take to ensure a even color across the floor. What i saw in the picture looked very amateurish.

I would allow him to tint his poly in attempting to fix it. Chances are it wont but you wont have to be out of the house for long.

If that doesnt fly, get your money back and hire a REAL professional.

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