What does your grandbaby call you?

DanceyOctober 19, 2004

To all my grandchildren I am MeMaw! lol Dh is GrandPa. When the first grandbaby was born I had to really think about what they would call me. There were grandparents and great grandparents on both sides of the family. So I knew there hadn't been a MeMaw since my Grandmother passed away. She was my grandmother on my Dad's side of the family. So MeMaw seemed right.

And you?


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One calls me "Grandma", one calls me "Dramall" (but he's dutchy any way...lol) and the rest call me "Mamaw". My boy's called my mother Memaw too till the day she passed, still do when they talk about her and they are in their 20's. Some things just NEVER change. :)

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I had posted something similiar to this when DD was pregnant. Well DGD is now 2 and I'm Nonna (Momma with N's). She sometimes adds "Vickey", but I really prefer it without the Vickey. Anyway DH is Pappa.


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Raveann, my older grandsons are 19 and 22 and they still call me MeMaw. ;) I'm sure they always will. My oldest grandson is getting married next June. Soooooo I'm hoping in the future I will become great grandparent!!! That will be so cool!!

Vickey, Nonna is very cute! I hadn't heard that one. My kids called one grandmother Nanny Jo. Her name was Nona Jo.


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Isn't Nonna Italian for Grandmother?

I promised all that I won't tolerate any Grandma names and my first name would work for me. Well, with the most darling baby in the world, I am caving. Just call me Grammy.

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Mine,all 8 of them call me nanny and DH poppy,and we love it.

Eliza ann

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I have only one grandchild so far. I am Oma (German for Grandmother) and my husband is Poppa.

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When talking to my Grandson, I refer to myself as Grandma. When he first started to talk, I was Dobby, later that turned into Damma, and now Gwamma. He's only 3 so eventually he'll say Grandma or Gramma. As long as he calls me, I don't care.


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My children call my MIL Nonny. And my FIL Poppy. they call my parent Grandma and Grandpa Beard.

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Why isn't this board more active! There are lots of complications with grandparenting in the begining. My oldest is 10 now so the kinks have been worked out but it was hard to be so far away & try to estabish a bond.

And this proud grandma is Granjan to distinguish from their near by grandma. My grandchildren live far away but my 2 nieces are right here and their grandmas are far away so I choose to be Granjan to them as well.

There are more granjans out there but I never met one. When my grandson saw that my email address had to be gramjan he asked his mom if I was going to change my name legally! And my 4 yr. old niece told me that she loved that none of her friends had a granjan only her & Lexie!

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Granjan, welcome to this forum! I also was wondering why this forum was abandoned. I have one Grandson, Ryan, and my DD just told me that she is expecting in September. I'm so thrilled I can't stand it. I live in Hillsburgh, Ontario, and she lives in Stratford, Ontario. It's about 1 1/2 hours away from me. Fortunately I'm not working so I am available to help out when necessary (hopefully she thinks it's necessary often).


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Just found this forum and wish it were more active also! My 3 grandsons call me Grammaw and my 2 yr old granddaughter calls me Mamoo....rhymes with Shamoo (the whale)...lol! I love it and hope it sticks.

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i'm gram gram, and grandpa is "bapbo"
not sure why though.....
as long as they give kisses and hugs, any name works for me!

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My grandchildren call me Grandma.

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Our 7 grandchildren call me Gagoo ( a family name - my mother called her grandmother, Gagoo). My huspand is Papa or Papa Rick. We really don't care what they call us as long as they call us!!!

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We're Mamaw and Papaw at my house! LOL

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Grammy & Papa here :)

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My first grandchild is due in 12 weeks, and I'll be Nana, we've already discussed it. My grandmother was Nana, my mother was Nana and they were wonderful grandmothers. My XMIL wasn't Nana, it would have been an insult to all grandmothers.

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I am Grammy to my 5 year grandson, Dylan, and Brammy to my 3 year old grandson, Austin. I love them so much!!! I thought my kids were fun, but my grandkids are much more fun!!! I spoil them rotten and love them to death!!!!!

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My parents fully expected that my son would name them himself, as we did our grandparents (Boppy and Mama, Bee and Pops), so they were looking forward to my son giving them names. My son chose "Gramma and Grampa". Not very exciting.

My inlaws, on the other hand, spent a lot of time choosing what they would like to be called. MIL settled on Nana, and called my mother to let her know it was taken. FIL wanted to be Gramps. As soon as my son could talk, he christened my inlaws Nonnie and Pampaw. Pampaw loves his homemade name, but Nonnie still tries to correct my now eight year old son. He just thinks she's saying it wrong. I'm letting the two of them work it out, it matters not to me.

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I am called Granny and my dh, Papaw. The other side are Nana and Grandaddy.
To the one who mentioned hard to stay in touch when they live far away, I send alot of mail. They love mail, sometimes stickers, a dollar, a piece of gum, my drawings, special little cards at Walmart, 48 cents. I must get some together to send next week, their Daddy is going on a mission trip to El Salvador for several days. Ladieg

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My parents (all FOUR of them) chose their names as none wanted to be considered generic Grandma's and Grandpa's (their words :) My dad & stepmom are Gramps and Grandma Dolly; my mom & step-dad are Mamaw & Papaw.

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Because we have two sets of grandparents and great-grandparents we have decided that our son-in-law's parents can be called Grandma and Grandpa because that is what he calls his grandparents. Our daughter has only one grandparent that they call Grandpa Parish. We have decided to be Papa and Lolo because PaPa and Big Papa have already been established and I am loving being called Lolo because it means "crazy" in Hawaiian and I want to be considered fun-loving. (also, Papa means "earth" or "mother earth" in Hawaiian, which is fitting for the foundation built by the grandfathers)

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Molly Adams

first grandchild arriving in january! we had dilemma because my mom just died and she was grammie adams. i still use adams and always thought i would be the next grammie adams. however i just feel wrong being grammie adams! GRAMMIE was grammie adams! maybe it's because it's so soon. anyway, my neice used to call me Omni, which was her contraction for auntie molly - for a while, she could say auntie, and she could say molly, but put them together and i became omni, lol. my daughter looked it up and found it to mean something like all things or everything, and said to me (teary eyed here) "you have been so many things to so many people, i think omni is the perfect name for you." so that's my name...until little julia arrives and changes it to a contraction of omni, lol. love this thread. molly

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We are French so our grandchildren call us MEMERE and PEPERE

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Hello. I was told last night I will be a first-time grandmother in May of 2006. I'm reading all the posts with great interest. Isn't it funny that one of my first thoughts was, what will the baby call me?

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My own grandkids call me Nanny; my husband's grandkids call me MarBear and the neighbor kids NannyBear.

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When our son was little, he only had two grandmothers, so they became Grandma Vi and Grandma Becky. Now that our son is a father, my DH and I are probably going to be Grandma and Grandpa, as our DIL's family is of Polish origin and her parents will be Busha and Jaja. (not sure of spelling)

We'll see what names we are actually given pretty soon, as our grandbaby is about to talk (10 mos.).

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I'm going to vote for Nonnie. We'll see what my daughter thinks.

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I have to post here. I'm not a grandma, I have a LONG way to go, but I have the BEST Nanny in the world. And she was married to my Papa (we pronounce it Paw Paw) He passed in '00 but we still talk about him ALL the time. Because having a Nanny and Papa made me feel so special growing up, I wanted my mom to have a special name too, for my son. We decided on Grammy, I thought that sound so nice. When my son started to talk and began trying to say Grammy, it came out Gabby. The first time I heard him say it, I called my mom and asked her what she thought. It has been Gabby ever since. Now everyone calls her that, including the four new grandkids. My dad is Grampa.

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Nana. Except when my grandson shortens it it Nan.

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I am a Nanna! And i love it! For those of you who watch eastenders... my husband (a grandad!) says Nanna suits me as i am just like Nana Moon, despite the fact I am only 38!

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Oh I'm so glad I found this forum. I've been on the Kitchen Forum for over 3 years but now I'm entering a new phase in my life...grandparenthood! :)) My name will be grammuffy. My husband sometimes calls me snuggle-muffin. Grammuffy was his idea and everyone liked it.

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I just found this forum. Happy to be here. I have two granddaughters and they call me Grandma and Nanny. They called me Nanny when they were little now that they are 16 they call me both. I don't mind. My hubby is PaPa and will always be.

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We refer to my mom and dad as mommom and poppop, but my 15 month old daughter has come up with her own name. She calls my mom, Mommoo (sounds like Mom and then Moo) I think it's soo cute. We tried to get her to call her great grandmother Grammy...but again, she decided to say something else, and she now goes by GiGi.

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DH and I are called 'Grandaddy and Granlyn' (short for Grandma Lynda!).
Oldest DD's in-laws are called 'PawPaw and Mimi'.
Second DD's in-laws are called 'PawPaw and Grandma'.
My parents are 'Pop and Grandma'.
My in-laws were 'PopPop and MaMaw'.

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I'm Grammy
My Mom is Big Grammy
and my Grammy is Great Big Grammy

Her other Grammy is Old Grammy
and Big Gramma Josie (she is named after her !)

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My GD calls me Grampa Ian.
She runs it all together so that it sounds like a variety of fish.

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For years I was called Mimi by aunts and my mother, and some cousins. A corruption of my longer, unusual name, that most people DID use, I didn't like it. I wish they were still living to call me Mimi.
I now have two granddaughters, 5 and 2, and that is what I asked the first one to call me, and the second one followed when she began to talk. Now the name is music to my ears! My husband is simply "Granddad".

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I've raised my granddaughter most of her 4 & 1/2 years so when she started calling me mommy I had to think of something, & since there is nothing grand about me, I chose Nana

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my grandchildren call me POP-POP. I love it!

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My niece calls her grandmother Poopienana. I do wonder where that name came from.

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This is fun...I'm usually on the kitchen or appliances forum; my husband's background is Lebanese, so they usually have "Gidi" (pronounced as if the "g" were a "j") and "Siti" as names; I, however, was not going to be "Siti" since that is my MIL's name; I am "GiGi" and LOVE it! DH is "Gido", just like his dad was to my kids. My grandmother, the light of my heart, was "Mimi" and I just could not bear having that name...bless her heart, I would have cried every time I heard it..I only lost her at age 99 in 2002. So, I "retired" that name permanently, you know? I just love hearing what names everyone gets! I actually have a friend with step-grandchildren that call someone in the family (not her) "PeePee" and "WeeWee". No comment......LOL!

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My sweet little granddaughter will be talking soon and I am Honey and my husband is Pops! We are sure she will probably come up with her own special names for us which is just fine. That precious little angel can do anything she wants!

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We are Amma (sounds like Grandma) and PopPop. Our first grandson created the names for us. Funny, when he first started talking and created these names for us, he started calling his parents by their first names. Mommy didn't mind, she laughed about it, but Daddy hated it!

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Hi I'm new here so I hope we have fun.
My grandkids call me grandmoumine,which is cute and I like it alot.

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I also have two more grandkids wish I don't see to much and they call me mamy.
These are my son's kids and he lives to far for us that is the reason we don't see them that much.
The one's that call me grandmoumine are my daughts kids which live nextboor to us.

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Just found this site and have really enjoyed reading some of the postings. My grandkids call us Mimi and Poppa. My oldest granddaughter actually cried out Mimi when she was learning to make sounds. We love being grandparents. Although sometimes the playing on the floor can get a little rough on the body!!

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When I was pregnant with my daughter (soon to be 16) my MIL wanted to be called Zelda or Flame. Apparently, she wasn't ready to be called anything resembling grandma. Any event, my daughter named her Mo, my SIL's kids call her MoMee. My mom and dad are MomMom and PopPop. DH dad is Pop Pop Chuck...

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Our grandson calls me NeeNee which comes from my choosing Nana in honor of my late great nana to whom i was so close. DH jokingly said he wanted to be called E.O. (exalted one!) but no one picked up on that one. My parents and my MIL are still on the scene and our daugther calls them Grandma M and Gramdna other M, my dad is Poppa. Our son-in -law is English by way of greece so he set his mother up to be called Yaya which is what he called his grandmother. The baby called me nana by about 12 months, but not consistently. Grandpa was a garbled mess. Then he morphed into Nana but DSIL would say Nanny like he heard growing up. SO eventally DGS changed me into NeeNee and DH became "DAN" after hearing me holler it upstairs when I needed his attention. It's funny now, but he's got names for my parents whom he sees more often. Grandma other M isn't doing as well!we'll see when DGS #2 can talk, how this plays out.

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We went for the traditional Grandma and Grandpa. Our little girl calls me Ganma (almost grandma) and just started calling my husband Pop Pop. We don't know where or how she came up with that, but she insists that he's Pop Pop, so Pop Pop it is.

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Our first grandchild will be born in July. I told my DIL and son that I would prefer not to be Granny or Grandma but would like Nana or Mimi (my son's first caretaker was Mimi and she was like a Grandmother to him). He looked shocked that someone else would like to be called Mimi, as though no one else could ever be a Mimi!) I am not sure what will happen but I am just so happy to be having a grandchild!

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I joked to DH this morning that grandbabykins to be could call him poohbah so he could be the GrandPoohBah. I'm still not sure what babykins should call me. I think I'm having an identity crisis. I can't fathom being anyones grandmother. *eek*

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Lol, this is all very funny and cute. I wasn't quite ready to be called Grandma either but my oldest DGS is 13...we're used to it now! The youngest just started calling me Ma. I said Mom? he said no. (He's just two) I said what do you call Mom? He said Big Truck.
He thinks he's hilarious!
He calls Grandpa A-A. (AH-AH)But he hasn't seen us for a year, so I'm sure it will chage. The others call us Grandma and Grandpa. My mother was Nanna, so I don't really care what they call us. There was only one Nanna.

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I am Grandpa and my wife is Grammy. We collected a growing set of fun grandparent names and a huge list of grandparent names from around the world. Go see if your favorite name is there!

Here is a link that might be useful: GrandparentProject.com

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My grandson calls us Mawmaw and Pawpaw or sometimes pawpaw is Mike---when he hears me call his pawpaw Mike--so I have begun to call my husband pawpaw around him--he is 2 years old and the love of our life ---so he can calls us anything he wants! lol

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Hello all..Have been here before but not for a while...

So cute reading this posts that I must chime in...

One GS 3+ with another on way...He calls me MaMaaw, DH-Pap, while he calls his other GP-Grandma and Grandpa...I love it...He is just a cutie and cant wait for GD in November...

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