Install tile over sealed concrete?

fedudeJune 5, 2012

3 year old home with a concrete basement floor. When the concrete guys finished the floor, they applied a sealer to it. The floor has a dull shine.

I want to install 18x18 ceramic tiles on the floor (approx 800 sq ft). I've heard I will have to grind off this sealer before I can install tile.

Anybody know what this means and what this would cost?

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If it is, indeed sealed, you'll need to "scarify" it to allow proper adhesion of the tile. First, sprinkle some water on it to see if it beads up or absorbs it. If it hasn't absorbed it within fifteen minutes or so, it's sealed.

Scarification is done with a grinder and a cupped, diamond wheel. They're available and reasonably priced, but do generate copious amounts of dust. Some companies, like Alpha have systems for this that also attach to a shop vac to minimize this dust....but it's still messy. Wetting down the floor as you go will help.

As to what it would cost, that varies from place to place. All you can do is inquire locally at some tile shops and see if anyone is willing to take it on...and at what cost.

As an "aside," with an 18" tile, flatness of the slab is essential. With a long straitedge, you should have a variation of no more than 1/8" in 10 feet. If you do, you'll need to address that.

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