Is Your Grandchild Outfitted for Cooler Weather?

DanceyOctober 27, 2004

DD and I went shopping yesterday for winter clothes for Aeryn. We had such a good time looking and choosing. We have to drive about 40 miles to a larger town to shop. And this town has a childrens shop called Once Upon A Child. They sell very gently used clothes, shoes, toys, books, etc. I am always totally amazed at all the nice cute clothes they have. This shop has a 'play area' with lots of toys for the kids to play while the MaMas and Grandmas shop. Aeryn loved it!! She was so excited to see so many pairs of shoes! At this shop you can also take in gently used clothes etc. and they pay you for them. I love this shop!!! I sort of went a little overboard. LOL Aeryn needed more every day clothes than anything so I got her some cute knit tops and jeans. Got a real cute jean jacket. Also got some very cute jumper dresses. Our weather here is so mild it's better to dress in layers. It was a very fun outing for all of us!


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We need more stores like that. We have a Lutheran store not far from our home, that I donate to. The profit goes to help women and children. I have donated a lot of things as I am down sizing in my home, to much stuff. I also have a lot of left over doll stuff from my doll collecting days. The last donation was 13 Effanbee dolls mint in the box and they were thrilled to get them. They sold them for $15 each in just a few days.

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I too love to shop at Once Upon A Child. Everything is so clean and also there is such a large turnover it is truly amazing. If you can't find what you need on Monday I'm sure you will find it by Wednesday. I wish we had one closer as the nearest one for me is 50 miles away.

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Jonesy I bet everybody was thrilled to get a chance to buy your dolls!!

One of the things I really like about Once Upon A Child is you can resell the childrens clothes back to them once the children have outgrown them.

Perk, we drive about 40 miles to get to the nearest store too. Our shop has an area where the children can play while Moms and GrandMoms shop. We took Aeryn over there and she was very good and had fun playing. We really didn't know how she would react when we walked away and out of her sight. But she was fine. She would call out MeMaw just to make sure we were still close by. lol


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