A 'Happy' New Year.... Leaving the Old Behind

lulie___wayneJanuary 1, 2007

I hestitate to use the word "happy", but I would like to wish all of you a new year filled with peace and hope for a better year. I've gotten a little behind responding to many of the posts, but I've been trying to catch up. Since my DH and I are retired now, we are gone a lot and I tend to get behind. You'd think that I'd have more time, but my days are usually filled.

When I was freshly (first few years) grieving, I always hated to leave the old year behind and begin a new one. I felt as if as more time passed, I was going further from my loved one or where my loved one was. Has anyone else felt the same?


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I, too, wish everyone peace and hope for 2007. I am starting to be able to give up the years. I know the when the first January came after our loss, I felt so sad thinking that "last year my boy was alive". And you're right, each year brings more distance; somethimes that's good, and sometimes it's sad. For instance, yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the last time we saw our son and granddaughter, although we talked to them on the phone many times after that. It makes me sad to think that 4 years have passed, but I find as time goes on, things get better and we learn to cope in a stronger fashion.

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The first year, I was so glad to see 2001 go. I'd hated writing it on my checks, typing it on my letters, just seeing it in print. But at the same time I reacted badly when the seasons changed. In the past I'd loved the four seasons, especially spring and fall. Once I began to grieve, the changing seasons just emphasized my pain somehow. I'm almost over that, but I don't know if it will ever disappear completely.


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I was stuck in 1998. Christin left in that year and it's like time stopped for me. It seemed that even a year or two after 98 had passed, I would still sometimes write "1998" on checks etc.

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