how were the holidays for you

heydeborahJanuary 19, 2008

i still dont feel like i belong on this forum after being on the care givers for so long, but here goes. we decided on forgoing a tree this year, we did however buy new ornaments just before and after Christmas for next year, my Al was a hallmark ornament buyer so we couldn't open the boxes. we had Christmas the friday before the big day, my car broke a tie rod just a mile away from home, so it happened that a police car came, i couldn't get a tow truck, he did, the tow truck driver gave me a discount, and we were without a car for 2 weeks, the cop stayed with us (dd and i) the whole time and i told him about my Al and no Christmas on the 25th etc. the car was fixed at 1500.00 dollars! we then decided that we would open our little exchange that thursday night instead, so we did, on friday we had our big meal (our son's gf didn't come over, she doesn't think our home is "clean" enough for her- lol, i'm the one who had ocd on washing her hands!!!), we watched movies at home on Christmas day. it was so weird, non of Al's sisters sent cards, it was like we all went to heaven too, i don't know what there problem is, but it makes leaving this family alot easier. we also helped the Sal. Army and a couple who were stranded and gave them gas money so they could get home -- they were going to sault ste, marie, from alberta. we made it through we only have a little over a month before the one year anniversary, i can still hear Al saying i love you and thanks for taking such good care of me, like he did every night!

Stay warm everyone, it's -39 here!


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Hi Debbie,

The holidays can be just crushing. It sounds as though you did your best to get through them, and you did well. The most important part of your message is that you can still hear Al saying he loves you.


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Hi Debbie, you sure did do good getting through the holiday season. The first year is the hardest I think. Nothing is as it should be. That was very sweet of you to give those folks gas money to get home. You were their angels in disguise, and I truly believe what goes around comes around and you will be doubly blessed for your kindness.

I have a tape of my mom which I put on cassette from one of the messages on my phone voicemail when she was in the hospital 22 days before she passed away.

Her message: 'Hi honey, I've been waiting and waiting for you to call and you haven't. I'm worried about you. I'm fine. Call me if you get this message. Bye, sweetheart.'

I pull that out and play it every now and then. That was my mom. She was in the hospital in very bad condition...and she was worried about ME.

Two years Jan.30 and it feels like two days....not two years.

Take care everybody.


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