keiraroseOctober 27, 2006

I have recently starting talking to my father after sometime now and he has never met my 19 mo old. now my son already has a grandma and Grump-pa (he's a grouch) and a mom-mom and Pop-pop my father is remarried to a 36 year old (only 9 years older then me by the way) I dont want to hurt my mom by letting my son also call her grandma (my mom is really sensitive to this matter) any Ideas on what to do??

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As a grandma, I can certainly understand how your mom would feel. Think of a name that is very different from Grandma. There's a huge thread just a few threads down about "What your grandchild calls you". Read through the thread and maybe you'll find a name for your father's wife that appeals to you.

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I would guess your Dads 36 year old wife probably doesn't want to think of herself as a "Grandma" anyway, and maybe wouldn't want to be called Grandma by your son. Why not ask her and see if there is some nickname she would prefer to be called. Then you wouldn't step on any toes... your Moms or hers. I would tell your Dad's wife that your Mom is Grandma to your son, and too many people by the same name can be confusing... so let's pick a nickname everyone is comfortable with.

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My granddaughter calls me grandma, my ex husbands wife Nanny. Works for us so maybe your baby can come up with his own word for her?

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