newly recoated hardwood - what to put under litter boxes

candiceplantsstuffJune 19, 2012

Our hardwood floors were re-coated last week with standard poly (we had the terrible "white line" syndrome when we first got them refinished and this was the correction to that problem).

We use a closet to put our cats litter boxes in. I typically put down carpet scraps and some other rubber mats to try and contain the litter from tracking all over the house. I know that I'm not supposed to put rugs down for 30 days. I am wondering if I could put down brown paper (the kind that some people put down when painting) and put the carpet / rubber mats on top of that. Would that be ok? If not ,do you have any other ideas? Thanks!

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They "advise" you not to put carpet or rugs down for 15 or 30 days depending on the finish. Thats only an advisement. Its you floor you do what you want.

The reason the suggest the time period is to allow the finish to cure. And if you ever pull a rug up you notice a shade difference? That time period help that too.
Now if you litter box is not in direct sunlight then go ahead and put your usual method down. If it does get natural sun light then you risk getting that shading difference.

Just be advise if you do lay something down and you get a color difference thats on you and most companies wont take responsibility.

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