What are the pitfalls?

gandbbOctober 21, 2005

At long last, I am going to be a first time grandma. There must be some obvious pitfalls - what to say, buy, do or not say,buy do etc.

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Don't do something for the first grandchild, that you can't do for the rest.

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I agree with AdellaBedella. My mother-in-law started to needlepoint christmas stockings for her early grand children. My oldest 2 daughers received them, but by the time our youngest came, she had too many to do, so she stopped. My youngest really felt left out. Fortunately, my mom smocked all of the girls Christmas stockings, so those were the ones we used. To be fair, my mother-in-law now has 34 grandchildren, and 6 great grand children. My youngest daughter was #11. She stopped early in the game.

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Good Point. I was thinking about setting up a college fund, but I certainly couldn't do that if more come along. My daughter may have a second child and that would have been manageable, but I forgot that I still have a son at home who hasn't even started dating.

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Don't get into the habit of always buying them things, think more of "making memories" than buying things. We do lots of projects (Bailey is 3 now and we do crafts and bake cookies often). I don't remember much my grandparents bought for me, but I remember going to the zoo with my grandma (she did a sommersault when she was in her 60's, and I remember craft projects with my other Grandma). That's what I want to give my grandkids..memories.


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Memories are good....but so is buying things! It's a grandma's great pleasure to buy a grand child something his heart desires but it totally impractical and expensive.
I remember my oldest was pining for Air Jordans....but my daughter said they didn't need to spend $75 on new tennsi shoes ( that tells you how long ago that was!).
I told him I would buy him any tennis shoes he wanted ( he was about 8).....and we ended up spending about $50 on something very different.
I remember taking my grand daughter shopping and to lunch.....and we ate hot fudge sundaes for lunch....because when you are with Grandma you can do anything.....and another time when I was staying with my son's 3 boys for about 5 days.....and we went to Mc Donalds for dinner every night, and swimming afterward....because we could.
Another time I told the twins I didn't know what they wanted for their birthdays....and they told me a list of miscalleanous stuff.....and I suggested a shopping trip and I would allow them to spend each a certain amount...
So we went to Toys R Us ...their choice and I spent a generous amount....but it was very interesting...some toys they agreed to get to share....but other things they weren't about to share. One wanted a fairly nice watch $20 LOL! but the other didn't want any such thing.
It was a lesson in what to share and really thinking about whay you want.
So giving them things can be good, but so can baking cookies, making any kind of pizza you want.....even peanut butter and marshmallow.
Also know that grandmas get older.....and while you could have turned summersaults with one 15 years later you may no longer to be able to do that.
Just enjoy!
Linda C

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