asking for prayers again

terrizxJanuary 20, 2005

i hope you all dont take me for a constant whiner but seems like i am always asking for prayers and have not been much support to anyone son ricky is slowly recovering and i thought we might have a breather when my husband rick informed me the other evening that he no longer(after 27 years )wants the commitment of marriage ...altho he doesnt want a divorce at this point...i am so heartbroken because we are raising our deceased daughters 7 year old and our 23 year old would be devastated by it if we split up....i feel as if he is going thru a midlife crisis plus just now after 3 years getting around to grieving for jamie....please offer any prayers or advice on this ...i feel as if im at the end of my rope.....

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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for all your heartache and all you have been through. I wish I had magic words of advice to help. It seems you all need each other so much.

I'm thinking of you.

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I have no advice but you are in my prayers and thoughts.

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You're NOT a whiner! We will offer as many prayers as we can. We're here for you, no matter what type of loss. This is indeed, enough to send your head into a tailspin. No one needs to get news like this after losing a child (or other loss). Hugs to you.
Emma in PA

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Count me among those who offer prayers for you. I wish I could offer more. Hugs and warm wishes.

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Nell Jean

Oh, terri, I'm so grieved for you. If you can't get him to counseling, go for yourself. Also, you might find an attorney who can help; have the husband go too. Not wanting the 'committment of marriage' but avoiding a divorce is kind of contradictory. Exactly what is it that he wants? (not a question that needs an answer here, but one to ask yourself, and him.)


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Terri - I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this. I think Nell is right about the counseling. I have heard before of marriages that have hardships after the loss of a child but I know nothing of it personally because I haven't had to live through that particular hell. I hope it all works out for you and that your husband can somehow find his way back to you and the love you share. You have a lot on your plate right now - take care of yourself.
- Leogirl

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Terri, I'm so sorry! Another grief, here. Another loss.
You definitely have my prayers. I'm feel so sad for you. Terri, if he is just now getting around to allow himself to grieve, maybe he is subconsiously wanting to escape. To him, splitting with you whether it be emotionally or physically, is his way of escaping the situation which he probably really doesn't want to face. Just a thought.
I will definitely pray for you all. That's all the help that I can offer now.

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Oh, geez, Terri...this on top of everything else. A whiner you are NOT. Don't even think that way.

Are you and/or your husband in counseling? It would be a good idea, I think. Perhaps someone can recommend a good one.

Stick around here, and vent all you like.


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