help I need advice - no more babysitting....

Mistee17October 15, 2012

Hi - Well, I have a really upsetting problem. When my first grandson was born, naturally I wanted to help out.

So, my husband and I offered to babysit while - both of the parents worked. At that time I was not working outside of our home. We have been self employed for about 15 years.

So, we have been babysitting now for ten years.

There are 2 grandkids now. The oldest is 10 and in school all day, the baby is 3 and needs a sitter all day.

Well, now that the economy has slowed I have been looking for a job. I, need to work now and help pay our bills.

Well, I just informed the parents and they are acting like it's the end of the world. I know , it will be hard for them as we have made it so convenient by always being available and for this long.

I, am searching for babysitting and school pickup for them.

Do any of you have any suggestions, I am so frazzled.

Please, email me any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Mistee

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I would suggest that the parents look for babysitting and school pickup, not you. It is their responsiblity to see who is taking care of the children. I do not baby sit, never have, but that is me. Here is this state it is very hard to get sitters etc and my GD is now doing daycare because she could not find anyone and is very good. She works with other moms so her oldest one and two others are able to go to preschool. You said you need a job to help pay the bills? Are their jobs avaiable for your age? What about insurance? Driving? etc Did your kids pay you anything if not why not?
Hope things turn out ok.

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Wow, your kids have had an easy ride all these years and now they're arcing up because you need to pay your bills? What would they do if you (Lord forbid) became ill or incapacitated tomorrow? Perhaps for an easy solution your kids could pay you for babysitting - they would have had pay someone else for the last ten years had you not given them free babysitting for all that time.

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