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joby619June 8, 2011

Hello Everyone. I am trying to decide on engineered wood flooring for a home in Sunny San Diego. I have a 2yr old so I want the floor to have the best dent resistence. No pets and no shoes are to be worn on it. I am more concerned with dents than scratches. The price is exactly the same and both will be sourced locally from different places. The Garrison product will be sourced directly thru the Manufacture facility in San Diego and the Ark flooring will be sourced from a local wholesaler. I have narrowed down my choices of engineered flooring to the ones listed below.

Garrison Flooring Maple Cappuccino Carbonized

Pros: 4mm Wear Layer and 7 ply

Cons: Softer Wood (worried about dents)

Ark Flooring Brown IPE

Pros: Harder wood species (not sure if it matters as much since its engineered)

Cons: 2mm Wear Layer and only 5 ply

Any and all input on these 2 products would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for looking :)

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A large factor will be ...what are the inner plys made of. 5 ply vs 7 ply doesent matter much but the hardness of the inner core means a lot.

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Thanks for the inout floortech. I decided on Ark Flooring Brown IPE. I have to install about 1200 sq/ft. This is going to be an adventure.

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