Terri, how is your son?

alisandeJanuary 5, 2005

Please update us on Ricky when you get a chance.



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Yes! Please let us know!

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I will shoot terri an email and get her to log on and respond. last i heard, rickys mouth was wired shut for 6 weeks but he did get to come home. she has had her hands full with ricky being in the hospital, her father having surgery, and if i could throw a little humor in here...forgive me terri...the tree they put up kept falling over during the night with all the ornaments and the water all over the floor. it was a very hectic exhausting holiday for her.


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thanks deb that was the icing on the cake...i keep saying it was jamie who kept knocking the tree over because she was mad about what happened to ricky...i think im still in shock to think it happened to him on the 3rd anniversary of her death...he is doing much better..but very sick of shakes and soup but at least he is ok....ill write more when i can thank you all for asking about him....

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So happy to hear that, Terri!! Being that we've gone through what we have, I'm sure that just his being home and recovery thus far has been a tremendous blessing for you! Thank God for that!!

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