Hurting big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LouOctober 4, 2001

I raised by two step daughters who are now 27 and 30 from the time they were 6 and 9. They always called me MUM as their biological mother basically abandoned them except for a visit maybe every 18 months.I also have two teens from the second marriage and I raised all four called me Mum/Mom. I divorced over a year ago and my x decided to lead a hate campaign against me using the older girls. His cruelty led to me just being "Lou" and he disgraced anything about me. I worked like a dog for the kids my entire marriage. One of the older girls just had a new babe. My x decided to resurrect the honor of the girls biological mom just part of his intense cruelty he emailed pictures of her with the baby to myself and my teen children. I'm afraid this visciousness will never stop. My daughter(stepdaughter) wants me to visit, I guess as "Lou" her new baby and family but I don't know if I want to experience any further degradation. Her heart is in the right place but mine is BROKEN. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Arrange a brief visit, if she is a good girl, she will soon realize what is happening and your place will be restored.

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I agree with Juliana. Don't lose those years you spent as their Mum/Mom just because the X is on a vindictive campaign. Be as pleasant and sweet as you were when you were raising them and don't say anything negative about their dad. With time, they will probably understand where he is coming from. Good luck!

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