Rosemary DavisJune 24, 2011

We recently bought a home and are planning to remodel. The kitchen and family room beyond have high quality 1/2" engineered hardwood flooring over a crawl space and basement. We want to take out a kitchen wall and open up the kitchen into the living and dining room. Problem: The 1/2 oak engineered wood flooring is no longer available. How do I transition to a different hardwood? I HATE T MOLD TRANSITION STRIPS!!!!!The transitions will be on either side of an island. One side is 42" and the other 48+".

I found a similar half inch 3" wide plank flooring-- Somerset hardwood EP312HO--it is similar in color and sheen. I am not sure that butting them together will work. I want a creative solution to the transition.

Have considered a 4ft stip of another flooring maybe a Luxury Vinyl Tile or another color engineered hardwood. This would run the entire 20 ft of the room past the transition openings and on the living room side of the island. Would really like to use a porclain tile transition about 4' wide but I believe it would be too high once laid and that would just compound the transition problem.

I prefer not to use a darker hardwood for the whole new area but a transition area or border is an option.

Any suggestions?


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A picture would help. However, I assume your 1/2" engineered is fastened or glued down. Investigate using a simple decorative wood border. Since it's only about 8 linear feet of the stuff, it shouldn't cost a fortune and will look nice. I used such a border transition on two of my customer's jobs...and it looked great. Do a google search for manufacturers...Oshkosh is just one. You can get these prefinished...or you can finish them yourself.

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Rosemary Davis

Thanks, glennsfc: I Googled Oshkosh and sent them an inquiry. It looks like all the wood borders are 3/4 inch. I asked them about the stone. Very interesting...

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I think you can just about get any thickness you need. Most of the border material I've seen is 1/4" design mounted on a plywood backer. But, there are many ways to do this. If Oshkosh can't provide what you need, there are other companies doing the same thing who probably can.

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Depending on how your wood is laid, we used two strips of the old wood we had left( I don't think it would matter which one though) and laid it perpendicular-so Btn old and new wood. Then laid new wood in the same direction as the old wood. Obviously the two aren't going to perfectly match but it blends the two together with a smoother transition than bringing another material to the mix. I don't know how to post pics and believe me I've tried! So forgive me this the best I can do:

so say the left side is old, the middle is either the old or new and right side is the new area.

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