One year anniversary

loagiehoagieJanuary 30, 2007

My momma passed away one year ago today. My dad said it feels like 10 years....and yet I feel like it is only days ago. I envision giving her a hug every single day. I loved her so much...and find it so hard to find joy in anything anymore..without her to talk to. Nothing anybody says can help, and my dad is so lonely it breaks my heart. Having my dad be so sad and pathetic looking doesn't help at all, but he has always been someone who needed someone by his side. As a kid he had to have me there to hand him tools when he was building something. I wanted to be outside playing with the other kids! But that is just how he was. Without someone to talk to, fight with, share meals with....well...he is just lonely ...and basically waiting to die. I visit almost daily...and want him to join a senior cards..SOMETHING! to get him out of the house and involved.

My mom went blind around 1992 and it was rough on everybody. She did pretty good, but was depressed and never actually seen her grandkids faces. The injustice of that also breaks me up. Life is just not fair.

Thanks for letting me unload.


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I am so sorry for your loss and I know how your Dad feels, my loss has been two months and it feels like two years.You might want to see if the Doctor can suggest an antidepressant for your Dad, I know some people are against them but they can help. You can suggest a Senior Citizen center and go with him the first time, or leave him and tell him that as soon as he has had enough to call and you will come right back and pick him up. He mights suprise himself and you by having a good time. The reason I am sugesting this is because I have worked with senior citizens for 18 years and this is how we encourage them to get started at the center and you would be suprised at how many men and women find that they meet friends of the same age and position in life (widowed)and this really helps them. Good luck.

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dukerdawg; hang in there. I lost my mother 2 1/2 years ago and I lost my son two months ago. My mother died at the age of 60 and I felt she was dealt a bad hand. You name it she had it. Diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure, emphezema and suffered several strokes. My dad is getting by a little better since we lost her. The family gets together once a week for a potluck on the weekends and get everyone together including the grandchildren. My son is now buried next to my mom. My boy was 20 years old when he was killed in an accident last December. I thought losing my mother was very tough, but my friend losing a child takes the cake. My son was born on Christmas and he was to turn 21. I now have a bigger hole in my heart and I am taking it day by day. Hang in there my friend, they say it gets easier in time. We will see...

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