Quality of Comfort Design leather recliners

whiteycatNovember 15, 2013

I sat on some nice leather recliners last week at a nice furniture store near me. I really liked one made by Comfort Design. The price was around $1700. I can't find any info on how they are made quality-wise. If anyone is familiar with this line, can you let me know. I do know it is owned by Klaussner, which I have read is a mid line brand.

I am trying to compare this Comfort Design chair to one by Bradington Young.

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I am not familiar with Comfort Design but I do know that Bradington Young makes a very high quality product.

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Comfort Design is a division of Klaussner - a mid-line upholstery manufacturer. CD is run by the former president of Barcalounger. He knows how to make a recliner. The CD product is considered a step above the Standard Klaussner line.

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I am familiar with Comfort Design and in my opinion they make an failry nice product. I was not aware they wre part of Klaussner, but in the case of a recliner you generally have a plywood frame and a Legget and Platt spring so except for tailoring and upholstery or leather there is not as often as big a difference in the measurable qualities of one brand to the next. Which in my opinion is the same situtaion with sleep sofas.

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