Legal Guardianship and Parental Guidance

moodyblueOctober 8, 2007

After finding our ten yearÂs old grandson was apprehended with his 4yr old half brother, we were shocked but not surprised. His mother is a "mess" and we will leave it at that. My son has not been in their lives since my grandson was very young. He too having problems and struggling to turn his life around. LetÂs say he does not have a pot to "P" in.

After living in our area until our grandson Ryan was seven, His mum, Ryan and half brother moved to Edmonton where her family lived as there had been a threat that the children were going to be taken away from her. We had kept Ryan in our life as much as possible before and after their move to Edmonton, Ab. He is such a sweet and loving child and we have had him flown out to us every summer for the last three years. This year it was for 3.5 weeks.

When apprehended the children were taken to their maternal aunt and uncle who could only keep them for no longer than a week and after a court hearing, they have now been placed in a foster home. It is very much established that Ryan's younger brother is a handful and has behavioural problems.

To cut a long story short my son-in-law who is a lawyer got us in touch with a family law lawyer in Edmonton who is believed to be very good. We have had many dealings with him over the past three weeks. The problem is that the policy of the authorities is that they do not like to separate siblings (understandably). Of course, we do not want our grandson in and out of foster homes when we can offer him a perfectly good home, with his own bedroom, which he only vacated in August. (He did not want to take any of his toys home as little brother has always wrecked them  so left them all here until next time).

To this end, we have applied for Guardianship and Parental guidance for Ryan. It has been a nasty business. The mother also is fighting not to separate the children. I have had a lot of guilt over this, but I still think it is in RyanÂs best interest to be with his Nana and Poppa and we know he loves us very much. The main court case is in Edmonton on 18th October. 1hr.30mins from Vancouver by plane we have our tickets. We have just purchased one way as we have no idea what will happen during the hearing. Our hope of course will be that we can bring Ryan back home with us. Very sad situation, all round.

Ryan's visit this summer

Myself and Ryan last summer

Pauline - Vancouver Island

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I sincerely hope you gain guardianship of Ryan. He needs the stability you can provide. The fact that he didn't want to take things home, knowing they would be destroyed, is very telling. From what you've posted, it would be in Ryan's best interests to separate the boys. Could Mummy not wanting them split be a control thing to which she clinging.....she's loosing guardianship but is trying to dictate some of the situation? It's a mess, and do wish you only good things!

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Thank you for your response - much appreciated. One never knows if there is someone else that has experienced this type of thing. I guess it is a guilt thing with the mum and her family as of course they are related to both of the children, so to keep them together I think would relieve some of the guilt. But we still believe it is in Ryan's best interest to be with us and I just wish that one of the mum's siblings families could take Richard. Nobody has come forward to take both of them.
Thanks again.
Pauline - Vancouver Island

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