MIL shows favortism

Traci863September 10, 2002

My MIL shows favortism towards my kids. My husband and I have 3 kids. Our oldest was mine from a previous marriage. We have been married for 12 years now and the only real problem in our marriage is the way my in-laws treat our oldest. It's been that way ever since my husband adopted her. They (the in-laws) were against the adoption from the beginning! He adopted her when she was 2.

They always invite the younger 2 to stay the night or weekend but not our oldest.When the oldest was just 4 or 5 and still wetting the bed, they use to use that as the excuse why she couldn't come over. But, when the others were about the same age and wetting, she'd take them in a heart beat! She would also take the younger ones shopping and leave out the oldest!


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Simple don't let any of the kids stay overnite and have husband tell her why! How do you think she will feel towards you, her grandma, her siblings if you do not correct this problem NOW!
Ask her why and let her know you have 3 not 2. Does she ignore her at birthdays, Christmas--if not, does she give the same type of gifts in comparsion? If this has gone on for 10 years I am sure it is not going to be solved overnite.

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