life regrets

rubiksolvedSeptember 5, 2008

Hey guys,

In the course of my life so far IÂve come across plenty of people with regrets theyÂve had in their own lives. And seeing how life is so incredibly short I just kind of wanted to see what everyone elseÂs regrets are.

Career-life objectives?



It would be pretty cool to learn from each otherÂs *mistakes* or to see what we would do differently at your age. So I guess when you post itÂll be cool if you posted your age along with your posting.

I know a lot of people out there also try to live without regrets... and even if you do, it'd be helpful to see something you'd change.. rather than regret.

HereÂs mine:

I regret not spending enough time to keep in touch and to foster relationships with the significant people in my life. I feel like IÂve been too distracted with the other aspects of life (work and school primarily) that I just kinda lost touch with people I would rather not have lost touch with I know its not too late.. but I feel like some relationships have deteriorated too much for full repair..


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I regret getting married and having a family. I think I would have preferred a career instead of a family. But then you always want what you don't have. I don't spend much time thinking of things I can't change. I am to busy enjoying the time I have left.

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I love my son, and his child, beyond belief. I would never wish either of their existences away. But I do wish I had not been an unwed teenage mom.

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I'm 61 and I don't really have any regrets. I'm having a great time. I have three wonderful kids, two married to great husbands, the third one engaged; and two grandchildren that are the love of my life. I have a job I'm good at, a home in a great neighborhood with wonderful neighbors, and no husband to clutter up my life any more.

I've wondered, sometimes, about making different choices, but I look at my kids and I wouldn't trade the life I have had, good and not so good times, for anything in the world.

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I wish that I could exchange my 45+ year old adult daughter for another .
She is narcissistic and training her little son ( our only adored grandson) to be a puppet for her political viewpoint, even tho he is just 6 years old.
Almost everything she says is about her political beliefs and our dear gs will bring up issues he couldn't possibly understand on any level.
Her politics have evolved into a religion that she expounds upon every time we see her.
Nothing we say, stops her, it only leads to nasty exchanges from her to us.

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At the age of 67, my health is not doing very well. I know that arthritis is a lot in the genes, but I wish I had taken better care of my joints in my younger years. I wore those 3" heels every day to work....did a lot of "line-dancing" etc....and that is so hard on the joints....but enjoyed it at the I have had a hip replaced, back surgery coming up soon, followed by two knee replacements. With my not being able to exercise, my weight has increased to the point that I am depressed and that is a vicious circle....depression, eating, fat, hurting, and repeat over and over. I sure do wish I had taken better care of myself when I had time.

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I have many regrets, the biggest one being many years ago I told a lie to my husband before we were married. I was only a teenager, and judged that he would be upset about it if I told him. He found out and was very angry. We almost broke up; his father told him to give me another chance. We eventually did get married, but he never hesitates to bring it up when we have an argument. He still calls me a liar and judgmental.

Second regret, if I were more mature then, I never would have gotten married.

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Oops, just realized this was a grandparents forum. I had done a search for "life regrets", and saw this thread without checking which forum it was in.

No children/grandchildren in my life (another regret?)

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