Skype is wonderful....

carol_in_californiaSeptember 24, 2012

My grandkids live across the country and spent the summer in Japan.

I only get to see them about once a year and I miss them so much. My grandson is 6 and his sister will be four next month.

I have asked my son and his wife to set up Skype for a couple of years but always met with excuses. Language difference with DDIL and long hours of work for DS.

Finally my grandson learned to Skype and called from Japan to see if I had it set up......I was thrilled to see those kids. We spent at least 30 minutes laughing and being silly.

They are home now and on the East coast....we plan on Skyping at least once a week on the weekend.

Skype is free but I needed to buy a videocam and get it set up.

Not at all expensive and easy to do.

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Yes it is!!! My friend's husband just got back from TDY and the kids went right to him because they saw him everyday on Skype. Really makes a difference. There is a way you can turn it into pictures and it has been discusson on KT.

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