where to buy quality, durable furniture?

julie1218November 16, 2010

i need a new living room set and dining room set, and i can't find a single furniture dealer that doesn't have a zillion complaints on the web. further, i'm pondering a leather couch, and the odds of finding one that won't look terrible in a few years seem very low, if one bases that on the extremely high number of ticked off customers complaining on the web. i live in the dallas area.

i was pondering costco--not because of quality but because of their extraordinary return policy. but alas, they just don't have anything that works. my only caveat is that i would like to see the item before i buy it unless the business, like costco, has a crazy great return policy.

so, does anyone have a really GREAT furniture experience that they think can be repeated?


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Are you set on leather or would you consider other options? Also, what's your price range? I may be able to find something for you/a reputable dealer.

What kind of return policy is Costco offering anyway?

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i'm not set on leather. i'm kind of pondering microfiber that looks like leather. i have 2 kids, so i want super durable and lots of folks are recommending microfiber over leather due to scratching. i guess i'd like to spend $1-2000 for a sofa. not really sure.

costco takes anything back at anytime if you keep your membership active. so if your costco leather sofa doesn't look brand new after 100 years, in theory, you could return it. i've done some internet research, and that does appear to be the case. they'll come pick up your sofa if you are not satisfied with it.

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I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to respond...It's been hectic this past week due to Thanksgiving.

Have you looked here:


The first one I see is from Sam's Club. Looks nice and only $488.00 online. I usually don't use google shopping, but the regular search options, as you've already discovered aren't too promising.

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