My mom went so fast that day. Help us

angel123January 8, 2007

I hope you can help me. If we got a case of medical

negligence. My mother who passed away on sep 24 2006. My mother name is Isabel

she was 64. She was diagonsed with breast cancer in 1999 she survived

that, after that she had psorisis of the liver, i hope i pronounce it

right and after that was diagonsed with limphoma cancer. in August

24,2006. My mother had surgery to remove the golf size tumor she had on her

neck. The specilist said too she had several more small tumors on her

right side also so she needed to get chemo started as soon as possible.

After that they took more stomach xrays. They said also she had 2 large

size golf ball size tumors on her pelvic area. okay after she took her

chemo she started to get bloated we told the doctors why is she getting

bloated they said its the chemo. The doctors said she is well and can

be let to go home. They prescribed some water pills they said she should

take this medicine that this will help her go to the restroom and flush

the fluids out and her bloatness should go away. Nope that didnt work

so we decided to take her back to the hospital where that is where she

got her chemo. The doctors said the will admit her in the hospital and

keep an eye on her she felt a little better and her bloating went

somewhat away this time she had the bloating on her knees all the way down to

her feet. The doctors said that my mom will be admitted to the hospital

every time she had her chemo. Well she had 1 week of chemo. They had

said that she is well and can come home but still was bloated from her

knees all to her feet. Okay after staying home i had a call from my dad

and said to come in a hurry cause mom wasnt feeling well. He said mom is

starting to cough out blood. So when i got to my mom house, I saw her

she was having a hard time breathing and started to cough out blood. So

i immediatly called 911. ems came inside the house took her vital signs

and said she was okay. ems took about 15 minutes inside the house while

my mom is still having a hard time breathi!

ng and c

oughing out blood. They didnt think this was life threating. So finally

they took my mom in the ambulance with my dad by her side. My sister

and me followed the ambulance, they didnt have the red lights on nor the

siren remember they didnt put anything on my mom all this time no tube

nor nothing just the oxygen mask thats all.They took my mom to the

hospital all this time wasted thinking no emergency. Me and my sister beat

the ambulance could you believe it. I saw my mom in the hospital the

doctors nurses were getting her blood out for lab results we were telling

the doctors to hurry cause my mom was choking in her blood she still

had the oxygen mask on. This went on for about 30 minutes still nothing

done too my mom. We told the doctors to hurry do something. They said

they had to wait for the lab results to arrive and tell us why is she

coughing out blood. Still my mom in agony doctors nurses told us that this

is treatable and that there going to help her get better. The doctors

and nurses looked stuned by this time . Okay by this the lab results

came in and said she had amonia on her lungs an infection on her lungs. By

this time i saw her 1 last time. I told her that i loved her, and i saw

blood gushing out her mouth onto the oxygen mask and i saw her eyes

rolling and by that time i had this feeling she was gone ,I went

ballastic. I told the doctors and nurses to do something quick. The doctors

still assured me my sister that this was treatable. By this time we were at

the family conferance room and doctors wre giving us news that her

blood pressure was falling and that they had to resesatate her heart 2

times. She came back. By that time the doctors said there might be a chance

she could live that they were gonna do everything possible. All of this

happened in the emergency room in the hospital okay. The doctors from

the emergency room came back with more bad news. They said her blood

pressure is falling and she is starting to hemorage badly.So the doctors

said to get family members together. By this!

time th

ey had sent her to Icu unit. Were there were doing everything possible

for my mom to keep her alive. By this time she was on a venilator

helping her breath. Our family members decided to pull the plug out she was

suffering too much.

We loved our mother so much. She was our rock. She solved our problems, our fears, our joys together, our sadness together our happiness etc. We cannot function without her. My dad is what we have left,and he feels very angry at what happened to our mother at the hospital. we are seeing a lawyer. Weve explained everything on how our mother was treated at the hospital. Were filing medical malpractice to the hospital.We have tremoudous guilt. I saw my mother die in front of my face gushing with bloo. I will never forget this. Thats the last i saw my mom. I want to yell at the doctors and nurses and feel like stomping them. My sisters are taking it hard. My dad also. Its been 4 months and it hurts. On top of our grief we experinced this horrible death from my mom. We didnt have time to say our goodbyes. My mom that she was going to survive this. The doctors also said this was treatable. They lied!! Anyway i need help coping with this also my family. Please Any advice would be helpful!!! DEBBIE.

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I cannot give you advise as to whether or not you have a legal case. I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. I lost my sweet mother in a very similiar way 2 years ago in March. Losing a loved one in such an unfair and seemingly preventable way without time to say goodbye makes your loss so much more unbearable. I cannot share the details of my mom's death or I will cry all day long. I can only say that she had a treatable condition - a bladder infection, and Dr. after Dr. dropped the ball. I lost my mother and did not know I would lose her. She was seen in the ER and transferred to ICU also. She died there a couple hours later. I watched my mother die but did not get to have a conversation with her about how much I loved her, and what a great mom she was. It all could have been prevented. I know the agony you are feeling. My mother was my very best friend. But my mom is gone now. And although it seems like it was preventable to me, who knows, she might have died anyway. That's what they took from us. The possibility of life. My mom is in heaven now, with my father. She was miserable without him. He had died of leukemia 7 months earlier. I am still so lost without the both of them. We did not pursue anything legally. Have of us siblings wanted to, the other half did not. And she's gone. Nothing would bring her back.
I know you are so angry and so sad. Just stay close to your family and support each other. And be there for your dad. I am sending hugs, good thoughts, and prayers your way. Hang in there.

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I just lost my mother, my best friend. My everything. After the new year, she wasnt feeling well, thought she had a virus of some kind. We went to the doctors, and after tests, to find out she had liver cancer. That was a Wed. The following Sunday, Jan. 14, she passed away in her sleep at home. My one sister, my Dad and I were there when she passed away. It is so hard to realize she is gone, she didnt suffer, like your Mom, but it is so very hard to go day to day and not see her. The cancer just ate away at her so quickly. I am sorry I can't really help you with any advise, but I wanted to tell you, you are not alone. I wonder as well how to cope in this very difficult time. Any suggestions from anyone, please help us.

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Debbie I am sorry for the loss of your mother. I know how you feel. I lost my mother 2 1/2 years ago and it took me some time to get over her. I am not an attorney, so I cannot give you advise. I am sure your attorney will be able to give you the advise you are looking for. My mother was 60 years old and September 24th was the day her and my father were married. My mother had kidney failure, strokes, high blood pressure and diabetes. I remember her telling me a few months before she passed that she was tired of suffering and wanted to move onto to the next life. I cried with her and told her that we needed her and I did not want her talking like that. A friend of mine told me that if I were in her shoes what would I want? I then decided that I was being selfish and I would not want to live my life that way. My mother had a living will and she made the choice for us to not have her on a ventilator. That was easier for us. We were all in the room encouraging her to move on to the next life and believe me it was tough. Tears are running down my eyes as I am writing this to you. I miss her and love her so much. Set up a shrine somewhere in your home and decorate with things she enjoyed in her life. My pain was shifted about 2 1/2 months ago, Dec. 1st, 2006, when my 20 year old son was killed in a construction accident. Dominick was my baby boy. He was my Christmas baby, because he was born on Christmas. This past Christmas he was to turn 21 and boy was he excited about that. I ask the Lord every day why he took my son and not me? Again, there is a reason for why things happen and we never expect it to happen to us. Keep your father occupied and bring the family closer with weekend gatherings. That seems to help us with our loses. I will pray for you and your family.


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First of all, I'm very sorry for your loss. I lost my Mom just 3 weeks ago and feel like there is a huge hole in my life now. Your mother was lucky to have you there to fight for her and take care of her.

The advice you received from Ascencion is very good. If you feel something was done wrong, or too slowly, then you should have someone review all the medical records. An attorney can help make that happen. Doctors who are not connected to the place she was treated will pour over the details. If there was anything wrong, they'll find it. If not, then it might give you some comfort to know that too.

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