Teresa_mn growing ginger?

PattyPeterson2208February 4, 2013

I would like to grow some ginger and have a few Q. Did you just plant a knob of root in the garden or start it in a pot? How long does it have to grow before you can use it and do you have to did up the whole plant to harvest the tuber? How big does it get and are the leaves ornamental? Could you please post a photo? Thank you I know you are starting your remodeling and very busy. Patty

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Patty - I bought two ginger plants at the Farmer's Market. However, my friend Loretta has been growing it for several years. Her Hmong DIL selected some roots at the grocery store and planted them. They take about 8 to 10 months to harvest. But once the plant gets growing it just keeps on going. I harvested one of the plants to share with friends and brought the other in for the winter.

Outdoors they prefer filtered light. Mostly mine were in the shadow of some tomato plants on my deck. Toward the end of the season as the tomato foliage thinned the ginger was getting more sun. Some of the foliage turned brown.

I am at home sick today and I cannot find a photo. I did post one on another thread here recently. I can't remember which thread. Does anyone else remember?


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I just remembered I had photos on my phone. Here is one plant looking a little ragged toward the end of the season.

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Check out the ginger forum for additional information. I have ginger plants in my back yard, but they are ornamental and I grow them for the flowers. The ones I have get to be about five feet high (so far). The blue ginger only gets to be about 3-4 feet high.

A lot of ginger flowers are very fragrant, and you can cut them to bring them inside and they will make a nice fragrance in your house.


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The Ginger Forum ....... who knew? I checked it out. Apparently not many people know. It's not a very active place as many of the posts are from 2007. There are newer posts also. But it's not like the info provided on growing the plant is going to change.

This summer I will have at least 4 large pots of ginger. I hope to make gingerale. I gave a co-worker some ginger last fall. She made gingerale and it was delicious!

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Wow what a great idea!!
I'm growing ginger for sure this summer.


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Lars what is the difference in the blue ginger and is that also for cooking? Patty

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