Upholstery Safe Adhesive

reneophyteNovember 14, 2011

Does anyone know of a good, yet strong and upholstery-safe adhesive for gluing fabric to fabric, and fabric to cardboard?

I ask b/c I'm reupholstering some dining chairs and need to attach the back panels (fabric over cardboard) to the backrests. I've talked to my local upholster re: how to do this and he suggested tacking the backs on using 4 tiny brads. When I carefully pulled off the back panels, I noticed that the previous upholsterer used glue around the entire edge, but no brads. However I did see 4 tiny holes on the wood backrest, suggesting at some point someone did tack on the panels.

I used spray upholstery adhesive for the foam to wood gluing, but that doesn't seem heavy-duty enough to hold on the back panels. Is there a special adhesive for doing this kind of work?

Thanks in advance for any shared advise...

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Most dining chairs the back is stapled on next to the finished wood and then either double welt, gimp or decorative nails hide the staples. Also the out back can be inset so that the full finished back rails is exposed, first the out back is stapled, then webbing and foam which is applied then the inside is upholstered. From you description of trying to glue the fabric to cardboard then fastening with adhesive, sorry I can image you having good results with this kind of method.

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Thanks very much for the reply, rmanbike.

None of the techniques you describe seem to apply to my chairs. These pictures might help:


The backs are cardboard wrapped with fabric, then attached without any trim/decorative nails. I observed excess adhesive between the fabric where it was wrapped around the wood seat back, and the fabric wrapped around the cardboard.

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Now I see what you've got, actually its quite simple, if you can get your inside back and outside back patterned to match the curve /shape of the top of the back you can sew together the 2 pieces along this shape. But this requires a sewing machine to sew along the top to make a semi cap-on back. The seam should be along the top outside edge of the back. The back post will hide the staples along the side and you staple both pieces along the underside of the back, staple inside back first then fold and staple the outside back over this.

Works best if your fabric has a little stretch and thickness, and you should try the pattern out on some scrap fabric first.

The results will be a much neater looking back then trying to make a separate attached back panel for this. And if you zoom in on the pictures in your link, I think you will see this is how they did these chairs also.

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