Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Dorothy LambertSeptember 6, 2001

My daughter abandoned her 4 children ages 12, 11, 9 and 7 because her husband (not the childrens father) said their life would be so much easier without the kids. Their biological father hasnt seen them in 41/2 years. My husband and I found the kids 6 weeks ago and have been raising them ever since with the help of one of our other daughters. I love my grandkids and we will continue to raise them and love them until our daughter comes to her senses. Sometimes I get so angry and resentful of my daughter. This has changed our whole lives. I had just gone back to work at a job I really like and enjoy. But the Lord is my strength and I know we will make it. We love our grandkids.

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God bless you! The only way I could personally get through this is with prayer, nightly. And I'm not even religious!!
Just close your eyes and ask God, out loud, to give you strength and say you're putting all your trust in Him
to help you with this on a daily basis . Then believe that he will!!
Love Binkie

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When you get tired or are feeling like it's to much to raise them......Just think about how unloved, and scared they must feel becouse their mother gave them up for a man.
(I use that term loosely.) You are their safety net. The love they will give you will be a joy. My grandchildren are my heart, the sunshine in my life. Good luck to you!

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Hi Dorothy, I don't ever come on the forum but for some reason today I did - I saw you post and wanted to write. I have my two grandkids living with me, and have for the past 9 years, ages 9 and 11. When I first took the kids, (my daughter was into drugs) I thought it would be temporary and she would come to her senses. That was 9 years ago. I love my grandkids deeply and can't even imagine my life without them now, but at the beginning it was very hard. You are basically giving up your life, I quit working (the baby was less than 2 months old) sometimes I think - who am I - I have lost myself totally. But then I see how happy and secure the kids are and I know that this is where they belong. The see their mom a couple of times a year, she is not into drugs (although every once in a while she goes off on one) but she just doesn't have that motherly feeling, she loves the kids but it doesn't bother her a bit that they don't live with her, nor does she want them too. Anyway if you ever need a shoulder to lean on I'm here. Julie from FL

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Hey Julie from FL, your post is inspiring to us. We have an almost similar situation; grandbaby is 10 months old and we are in the process of obtaining legal custody. Had to retire when he arrived, DH was already retired. We were supposed to have no kids, pets or debts by now, but guess what? Life is still wonderful, and not everyone gets an opportunity to rescue a child.

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Going crazy over here! I totally understand and feel overwhelmed on a daily bases. My husband and I married after dating off and on for 20 years Sept of 2010. Had an Emergency hysterectomy the following January. Nose dive into menopause! Then at the end of April I got a call from Child protective services saying they were removing my 11 week old grand daughter from her mothers care, would you be willing to take her? Here we are over a year later and my daughter is still on drugs and is now living in the streets! Happily too I might add. I totally understand your frustration and resentment. I am right there with you. I love this baby with everything inside me. But.....somedays.....It can be overwhelming. I pray constantly that God will give me the strength to do this awesome job. Boy I feel really old most days

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I am raising my 7 mos old granddaughter. My daughter says she'll take her soon--but am not sure she is mentally fit to take care of her. She suffers from anxiety disorder and does not yet have meds. I guess we could try it--but my granddaughter's health and well-being are at stake. I cannot believe that practically on the day I retired, I got to do parenting all over again! Am trying to keep positive about things--my granddaughter is wonderful. But I do long for the freedom I thought I would have after raising my own children and working so hard for so many years...

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