Can You Identify This Parquet Flooring?

odiegirl13June 21, 2010

I am working on updating a 26 year old house. The existing flooring is a parquet flooring I have never seen before. I know I probably won't be able to find more of it still around but I thought I would try. Does anyone recognize this flooring?

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Looks to be an engineered, 9x9", prefinished red oak, Hadden Hall pattern. You most likely will not find it but it could easily be made in small quantities from an engineered 2 1/4" strip floor of the same thickness.

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I never thought of making it. Is Hadden Hall the manufacturer?

I also thought of just using a matching engineered strip. I guess the problem would be getting the correct color.

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Ahh, so is Haddon Hall the pattern?

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It is the pattern.

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This looks like the 12 inch square parquet in our entryway. Our house was built in 1986. Did you ever find out who the mfg was? We are trying to find some more to extend the flooring to the adjoining room. Or trying to find some type of plank that will complement it for the adjoining room. One flooring person we talked to suggested using unfinished planks and refinish our parquet so both rooms match in color and finish.

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As the previous poster suggests, this can be made from engineered flooring that will closely match your existing in color and sheen. Or, you can make it from unfinished engineered and stain and finish that to match. A very skilled hardwood floor professional ought to be able to do both.

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