Please Help!!!

SonDangJune 5, 2011

Please help with this! I've purchased the Kempas from a store and when I picked them up my I saw something like stained reddish color to it so I sanded it and saw that the wood original color is not "light pink to reddish or brown color" like I have searched. I also used pylyerethane on the sanded part to see if the color would change to pink or red or something. It's not changing, it's still a natural wood color, which is pale white. I went back to the store and asked and they said that it's Malasian Rosewood, it's not pink or red. That's not consistant with my research. My question is: First, am I being scammed? Second, if I am not being scammed, the box said it's Kempas, then why would they stained the wood to red color, which is the color I like, and why the wood is not pink or red? Please help with this!!! Thank you very much!!!

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