' I never get anywhere' !

carole6September 7, 2008

Just had to post this: My 2/12 yr. old grandson was recently bugging his dad that he never gets anywhere.."not grandpa's, not the Dairy Queen or the fair.!"

So, my son brought him for a visit.What with work schedules, etc., this little boy doesn't get a lot of places, but how bored can such a small child be?!

We thought this pretty humorous!

What do other grandparents think?

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That's so funny, kids say the cutest things! I'm sure he was thrilled to come to your house!

It's amazing how different kids are. My son wanted to go, go, go all the time. Before he could walk he'd pull himself up on the front door and say, "Go, go, Mama, go, go!"

My daughter, on the other hand, hated to go anywhere. She was happy as a clam at home, but she hated going places.

Sounds like your grandson is one who likes plenty of action and going places!

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Yes, this grandson is going to be a go-getter, I think! He does love visiting us.His little sister, who's just one year old,already seems to be a quieter child. Too early to tell, I guess. It is funny how one child can be so different from another. I have two boys, and they always were quite different.

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