how to protect new wood floors on move-in day?

tracey_bJune 7, 2010

I seem to recall this being discussed on a thread awhile back, but I can't find it, and I guess I'm not using the right search terms....

Our new house is about finished, and it has wood floors in the downstairs, up the stairs, and in the upstairs hall. I've never had wood before, and I'm worrying about how to protect it during this move-in phase. Any tips or suggestions? The kitchen cabs are going in today and there'll be lots of cardboard. Should I be saving some of the cardboard to put down in the pathways to help protect the floor? The floor will be site-finished oak.


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be careful with cardboard with Central Air. I have seen Central with Cardboard attracting moisture and affect the wood floor under it. Cardboard would be my choice or Rosin Paper, but it would be on and off that day.

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I careful with is abrasive and can scratch the surface of flooring...seen it many times.

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Rosin paper and masonite in areas where heavy furniture will be moved over the floor

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Forget the rosin paper. If it gets wet, it falls apart and the most commonly available rosin paper (peachy-red color) will bleed. It also slides too easily and tears, becoming a real safety hazard.
Look to getting either Ram Board (Google for their website) or Fiberrock heavy paper from USG Corp. Both come in rolls and can be cut and taped to fit any room or hall. They don't stain and they are heavy enough to protect against rocks in shoes or dropped objects. The Ram Board is heavier and will provide better protection.
Also, look into making sure that your appliance delivery folk will bring an air sled, instead of an appliance dolly. Air sleds slide under the appliance and, with a small blower motor, lift the appliance on a cushion of air. I've moved washing machines, clothes dryers and 60" duel-fuel Wolf ranges by myself using an air sled and never left a mark.
Best of luck,

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We are at the same stage and I am worried about the work still going on in the house. The subs are so messy! The finish carpenter brought his saw inside and put it on the newly installed laminate over a broken up box. If it had been real wood we would have had a serious problem.

We bought craft paper and big mats to put by the doors.

What about the sticky stuff that goes on carpet, is that a good thing to use on carpets or does it leave a residue?

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Thanks for the info! I'll check into the alternatives to cardboard--I certainly don't want to be the one to cause the damage I'm trying to protect from!

Air-sled--never heard of it, but I'll certainly ask about it.


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Ram Board, like Shaugnn said, works great for protecting hardwood floors. I linked to Ram Board below.

We have not used an air sled, but are big fans of those sliding discs. Not sure if they slide on ram board, but we've used them to move heavy appliances and furniture many times before.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ram Board wood floor protection

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Not to be dense, but can't you get that "cover paper" stuff from the hardwood flooring installer? Or at a box store? I can't remember what we did when we moved in as we have hardwood throughout the house!! We were very careful, I guess!! Good Luck!!

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Thanks for the added info. I like the sound of the Ram Board, but didn't know it was so expensive (but the floors are worth way more, of course).

Oh, thanks for the reminder about the sliding discs. I have some for carpet, but I need to go get some for hardwoods.

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@twotogo: you may be able to find the paper at a big box tore, but if not for sure a paint store like sherwin williams or a building supply house.

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@Jbuilder: thanks for the Ram Board tip! I am in the process of getting new hardwood laid throughout a number of rooms including my kitchen renovation. The cabinets, counters, etc. will be installed after the flooring so I am planning on using the Ram Board to help protect the floors. Luckily I found a local Ace Hardware that carries it. ;-)

@twotogo: I emailed Ram Board via their website and they sent me info about who carries it in my area.

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