Concrete floors?

GoofyYnoJune 11, 2011

I am redoing a indoor/outdoor area, putting in concrete floors. I want a blue, splotchy look. (textured on outside/ smooth and glossy on inside). is there any way to do the gloss where I don't have to wax every month or two? BTW, this will not be a DYI project. I have bids out to two contractors now.

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We have stained concrete floors. My experience is that we have to rewax constantly. We used a hardcoat sealer, and waxed it as recommended here on GW. The floor looks fantastic, so long as no one uses it. EVERYTHING makes a visible scratch. And god forbid you sit in a chair on it -- the feet of the chair will rip it to shreds. And the saddest part is that those marks don't disappear with another wax. They stay visible until you strip and completely refinish the floor. We considered using a floor EPOXY to create a thick, hard surface, but I was told by a contractor that even those epoxies can mark. So now we're looking for some sort of tile covering. This will be our first major renovation after building the house 6 years ago. It's a BIG disappointment.

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Forget staining. Acid-etched is the way to go. Virtually indestructable and you can choose the colour/pattern you want. I'll try to post some links.

Whoops...just had this one pic, but the entire house had concrete and it was complete with "grout lines" and looked like BIG tile..... I was impressed.

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