Lumber Liquidators Golden Teak 3/4'

gardengirl53June 27, 2010

I've heard so many horror stories about Lumber Liquidators that I had to tell my story. My husband and I went all over looking for prestained handscraped flooring and it was very expensive. We went to Lumber Liq. and saw the Golden Teak 3/4" and fell in love with it. I absolutely agonized over purchasing it due to so many complaints concerning not only product but customer service.

We purchased one box a couple of months previous to placing the order and laid it out on our floor to walk over it and see what we thought. We have only a small dog but grandkids. We still loved it and I still agonized. So many complaints! I was scared to death but loved the color and look of this floor.

Well I jumped in and ordered it. I was also able to get the matching vents and if needed rounded bullnose but I didn't need that and I think that would need to be stained but I trangress.

Installation was not the easy installation that was talked about. The installer said it is common in this type of really hard wood when you nail it it can't expand like the softer wood and makes it more difficult to put the next piece on as it screws up the male end a little. Anyway, it wasn't all that easy. But I'm telling you the floor is BEAUTIFUL. I've done my whole house with it. Including bedrooms and it is breathtaking. The installer did a beautiful job even though it was more difficult. The finish looks incredible. I was so worried about it going in because of all the complaints I wanted to cry with happiness. It was such a huge gamble for me but I just couldn't find anything I just loved like it for the price which I ended up paying and don't quote me exactly either 5.49 or 5.29 a square foot.

At this point I have no idea how the finish is going to hold up. I'm holding my breath on that as well but I have to say at this point in the process I am one ecstatic happy camper. If anything changes in my happiness level I will be sure to let all of you guys know but that's it for now.


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Good for you. Company like the size of LL should be able to provide a few good products.

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Has anyone had any problems with, what LL says is the HARDEST wood available, acting like butter? yes we have dogs and yes i expected the floor to get scratched, but its horrible the way this floor has reacted to all surfaces, not just dog nails. my sisters oak is better scratch resistant than this teak. Last night we had new LR chairs delivered, i sat down in one of them and the bottom leg clip (those plastic things that make them slide easier) actually dented the floor...i was shocked. i'm just wondering if anyone has issues with the floor not being HARD at all like they said it is. The HARDEST wood is actually the reason we bought it as we were also looking at that windsor oak and they steered us towards the teak. Our floor was installed in April of this year (2012) and its only 7 months old right now but looks 10 years old in some places. thank you!

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