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memawsloveSeptember 25, 2012

I am a photographer and my office is in my home. I am fortunate enough to live close to my daughter and be able to watch my two (almost three year old) and 1 year old grandsons.

I do my best to respect the rules and try to have the same rules in my home as my daughter does in her home to make it easier on the boys. My daughter is a wonderful mother and the boys adore her but for the last two months the two year old has become increasingly more attached to me. He cries histerically when either his mom or dad comes to get him. Tonight for instance I got him excited to go home but when the time came he didn't want to go. My husband was going to walk him to the car but my grandson got me by the hand and wanted me to go with him. I walked him to the car and he cried and would not let go of me crying. This happens daily and it is an emotionally draining experience.

Before anyone asks my son in law and daughter are wonderful with the kids. There is no abuse..mental or physical and that is what confuses me and frightens me. I am afraid I am causing my grandson to prefer me over his mom. I don't give junk food, I make him take naps and there are rules. suggestions and comments are appreciated. I don't want him to be sad and I know it has to stress my daughter out.

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Have you talked to your DD? Maybe she is spending a bit more time with the 1 year old and the other child feels left out. Maybe Mom and the almost 3 year old can occasionally do a day together without the 1 year old. Do you watch these kids all day etc? What about a daycare for the older one, maybe not everyday but 2-3 days a week. Just some thoughts.

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Children go through stages like this especially at that age. Two of my grandsons would stand at the bathroom door and cry all the time mom was taking a bath. My sister in law practically raised her granddaughter, she would cry when the Mom came to pick her up. When she was at her home she would cry "Mommy" for her grand mother. It hurt the Mom to hear her children cry and call for someone else, but they all got through it just fine.

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