When Beachlily sends you lemons...

annie1992February 27, 2014

Yes, indeed, talk about perfect timing for a box of sunshine! I got a nice big box from the mail lady last week and what did I find?

Meyer lemons! Not just any old Meyer lemons, look at the size of these things!

Since I know they aren't sprayed and I'm confident using the peels, I promptly sliced three of them into paper thin slices and put them into the freezer. I have this idea knocking around in my brain for tomato marmalade made with Great White Tomatoes and Meyer lemons....

I made some lemon and cranberry scones:

Bud and Makayla begged for some lemonade, so we did that:

I made chicken piccata, which I also posted on What's for Dinner:

Still lemons left? Makayla made lemon bars, for the first time ever. She was impressed with herself, LOL. We used the recipe from Cook's Illustrated and it was delicious:

I have a better picture of the lemon bars, but it's still on the camera, which I think is out in the truck. We took the Grandkids home tonight and wanted to take some pictures of the farm for Elery's grandkids, but it's 9 below zero right now and I am NOT going outside!

So, thank you, Beachlily, the timing was perfect. I've been running around like a crazy person, and this was a wonderful gift. Plus lemon bars, how could it be anything but good...


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Yumm, Annie!

I found Meyer lemons at Costco and brought home a box. Made pastry cream for a croquembouche and it was sublime.

You've inspired me to make chicken picatta this weekend :)

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Definitely go for the piccata, it was very good, not as sour as with regular Eureka lemons and the peels are thinner.

Lemon pastry cream? Now that sounds good, although I'm really leaning hard toward lemon curd...


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Lucky Lady and Ladyette! Love Meyer lemons and told BeauLily that I would plant a Meyer lemon tree because it makes such good lemonade-which they love to make. Thanks for the tip on ML for picatta, one of my favorites.

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What a wonderful bounty of lemony possibilities beachlily sent you, Annie. My #1 pick would be those luscious-looking lemon bars.

Here's an old link with many good lemon recipes that might give you some ideas to use up the rest.h

Here is a link that might be useful: Lemon recipes

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My Meyer lemon tree only has a dozen lemons on it, and it appears that they are all getting ripe at the same time :(. When this happens, I freeze some of them whole, in Ziplock bags with the air removed, and then I defrost them later in the microwave, zapping them 10 seconds at a time until a bit soft (without the bag, of course). If I want to zest them, I do that before defrosting them.

Also, if you are making lemonade, I recommend that you save the rinds in the freezer (I use the foodsaver for this), and then you can pop the rinds into chicken stock that you are making or put them inside a chicken that you are roasting. I am very frugal with my Meyer lemons because I love them so much and am sure that you are enjoying them too. Mine are also in season right now, and I wish the season lasted longer, which is why I also have a Eureka lemon that gets ripe at a different time of year. Still, I prefer the frozen/defrosted Meyer lemons to a Eureka lemon.

Save your Meyer lemon rinds!


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Oh trust me, Lars, I don't throw any of those rinds away!

Right now I have a bunch of them sliced paper thinly and frozen, with some tomato marmalade in mind for the summer when I have the Great White Tomatoes ripe!

Thanks, Ruthanna, I've bookmarked that thread now.

Cathy, the picatta (or piccata) is good, even the pieces of rind aren't bitter. When I look up recipes I get both spellings, though, so I use which ever one is in the name of the recipe. Wikipedia says both spellings are correct and Miriam Webster says "piccata" is right and Webster's doesn't even have it at all!


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