how to remove dried adhesive from late 60s vinly?

karenschaeweJune 30, 2011

House built in 1967, original vinyl was covered wth vonyl at some point, that was removed (leaving lightish brown adhesive) and then carpeted over that. I can't deal with the carpet much longer, I am not a neat cook and have 3 little kids.

Is it possible to get the glue off the original vinyl safely? We do plan to remodel the kitchen but not for at least another year or more and the carpeting will be compost by then. I could deal with the older vinyl flooring in there and it looks to be in sound condition.


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My inclination is to say no you can't get it off.I would use some type of adhesive remover perhaps..but I believe the efforts will be fruitless. Good Luck. Maybe a citrus styled remover as the fumes will be limited!

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