New Year's Eve ok for everyone?

LeogirlJanuary 1, 2005

Just wanted to check to see how New Year's Eve went for all of you. It was tough for me but I had a chilled bottle of the bubbly waiting for me when I got home from work. Since I had cried almost all the way home it was nice to get there and in my pj's and cozied up with my champaigne. I ordered a steak dinner from Ruby Tuesdays - love that curb-side to go service - and, for the most part, I did ok. Bob and I always celebrated with friends but I thought I'd be better alone so I didn't join everyone. I think that was wise because I wouldn't have been good company and I stink at trying to act like I'm having fun if I'm not. The coming of the New Year has always meant new beginnings - on something if not everything - and I guess for those of us who have lost someone close in the past year it's a new beginning whether we like it or not. For you others, you've already had to start your new beginning and for all the messages of hope and love that you post here I thank you. I guess a lot of people may get to the point where they are ok and they stop visiting. I know that many of you are reopening old wounds when you reach out to us to help us new folks. Thank you for all that you do to help us find our way. God bless you all and I truly hope that 2005 brings many blessings to you.

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New Year's Eve was no problem of itself. We had none of our kids here so no celebration. We are both sick with colds so went to bed about 9:30. I was up before midnight and several more times because my head was all stuffy. Taking our daughter and her son to the airport yesterday and having lunch with another son and his fiance were both good times and hard to leave them. On the way home I started missing Aaron so badly I didn't think I could stand it. I cried a lot last night and this morning too. I do not feel good about a new year starting without Aaron. He died Nov. 24 and it seems such a short time for that to already be "last year". I know he is in heaven but my sadness is compounded by not being able to feel or "see" him anywhere. I can't visualize heaven or him meeting family and friends who have gone on before. We live in the house he built and I feel pleased with its beauty and quality and proud of the job he did. At the same time, it's very walls and windows make me think of him not being here.

It sounds like you did a good job of taking care of yourself. I don't drink but at a time like this it would seem to be a good thing to be able to drown some of the feelings I have!

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We did alright. This was the 7th Christmas and New Years without Christin. We went to a party and spent time with our son and his family on New Year's Eve. We came home after all the midnight hoopla, got comfortable, and fix us each a big plate of our traditional New Year's food.
We had a quiet day today visiting family, watching the LSU football game, and visiting the cemetery.
I love new beginnings, but it always hurts to start a new year without our loved ones. To me, it's hard to let go of another year, especially the year that our loved ones were a part of. Another way to look at it though, is that it's another year closer to being with them. Each new day is another day closer to being with Mom and Chris.
I so hope that all of us can have a brighter new year. I also hope that as all of you begin healing from your grief that you will continue to stick around here. Your experiences through grief can help others.

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My Husband and I took my Brother-in law and wife to our mountain house for the weekend. It was hard because the last time we were there his son, our nephew, was with us. But it was nice for the other cousins to be together and have some fun times. We played games, went snow tubing, and had a warm fire and were fine until midnight of course. Each significant day that passes is another hurdle we have overcome.
I hope they can get through the start of a new year,I know I can come here when I need to and I am thankfull for that.
Take care all, Ronnie

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Hey Everyone: I spent New Years Eve with just my daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandaughters. However, by the time midnight came along, it was just me with 1 of my grandaughters. the others had gone to bed. Yes, it was hard going on with a new year and my Don not here with me. I know I can never bring him back and realize that he would not want me being sad all the time. So, I decided that I would take the new year by the horns and not mope around. I went and checked into what classes are available at our local senior center (although I am only 57!). They start on the 24th. so I am going to sign up for a few classes. Woodworking, painting, maybe ceramics or craft classes. I hope this will be a "healing" time for me and help me to move on to the next stage of my life. I so appreciate this site and all of you who write in. I hope the best for all of you in the new year and hope that God will bless all of you and continue to help you heal. Thanks for being here. KarenNC

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Hi everyone, I thought new years would be easy being we had gotten over xmas boy was i wrong. We went for a drive me and my husband but it seems no matter what you do you can't run away from that awaful feeling inside. Starting the new year without my Darryl brings such pain. At xmas my daughters were here so it was a diversion and i knew that's what they were trying to do for us and it helped but the nights are still the worse. You can't run or keep occipied when your in bed. I guess because we still haven't gotten a cause of death it's hard too because of that clouser. I know that's not going to change anything or bring my son back but as you know it's getting by all the firsts of everything that is hard. My sister- in law and my brother lost they're daughter 10 years ago in a car accident at 21 and she still cry's with me. It's funny because one minute your fine then all out of the blue you remember something and your gone again. Anyway sorry for being long winded but i visit often and just felt like posting Happpy New Year everyone and hope we can help each other in the coming year DarrylsMom Darlene

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