Hi Momma! I miss you!

loagiehoagieJanuary 30, 2009

Dear momma, 3 years ago this morning you left us to go to the Lord and see your own mom, dad and brothers. There is not a day or even an hour that I don't think about you and miss you. The tears I have cried could fill an ocean. The heartbreak never ends, but the severity has lessened a bit. I am 3 years closer to seeing you again in heaven. I am not going to purposely take my life, that is up to God in Heaven. When my time is at hand I won't be scared, I will be smiling, waiting to see you greet me on the other side. I also know now that you can see again. No longer are you suffering in darkness. That brightens my spirit as well. How you managed to keep up a happy front for all those years tells me that you were one very special person, and I am so proud to have had you as my mom. I love you momma, with all my heart and nothing in this world can ever destroy that enduring love.

Say hello to Ernie, Bernie, Mrs. Smith and Pat's dad. Give grandma a hug (both grandma's) and grandpa a hug and say hello to Mel and Freeman for me. I love you mom.

Your only son,


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Thanks everyone for commenting. It means a lot :-(

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Sending you an email......

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Hi Maura, GW email is notorious for not going through, and truthfully I don't remember what email I used to sign up. My email addy is:



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Well, I never got an email. :-(

That is okay. Nothing anyone can say will erase my loss and hurt over losing my precious momma.

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Heartfelt sympathy and prayers to you on losing your mom, and your post has good imagery! I hope and pray we will all keep posting in this forum to keep up with eachothers progress, I know I haven't made any leaps and bounds from becoming alone after losing my only brother this past October and mother in October 2004. Being totally alone after being caregiver for both my brother and mother really takes the cake, I thought it was tough work taking care of them but my life had meaning and was worth something. I felt good with myself whereas now I feel totally out of place and alien everywhere I go.

I know it's hard but Anyone else care to reply?

God Bless

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Hi Momma,

Today makes 6 months since we last touched each others skin, looked into each others eyes and said "I love you" or smelled the essence of each other. I really cannot say I am much better off now than then but the raw pain is not as acute as it was. I miss you Momma...the words just never seem to be enough to describe the intense longing I feel to see you again.

When I close my eyes I can still see you as I have always seen you. I find myself closing my eyes to be with you alot. You were one of the brightest lights of my life and without you the world has been a much darker place.

I love you......I will always love you. You were my best friend, momma.


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