Joys and disappointments

dodo_46August 29, 2002

Sure is funny how a person can have so many feelings of different areas happening at once. I don't get to see my grandchildren as often as I would like. This is due to distance, jobs, and everyday life. I can pull out a picture of them and smile and feel so proud, but yet feel like I could cry, because I want lives to be different so we could be together more. I just needed to get this out and wanted to share with you here. Do any of you feel the same, and understand what I am saying?

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Yes, as I see my two here as we live next door, and I really miss the two in Cal. but do talk on the phone to them and send them stuff and they send letters back. We will see them more this winter and spring when we travel

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Thanks for responding. It isn't that we are terribly far apart but we all work and carry different schedules. I am in retail, and we are open 24/7 except Christmas so even the holidays are hard to get together at times. We have 4 kids, 2 married with children one in college and one now in high school, maybe it is the quietness that is getting to me. Just have to appreciate what we have when we get a chance to enjoy it. How many kids do you have Marie?

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Hi, Do you have days off from work that you could "make a date" to have them on a regular basis? I keep my 15 mo old 3 days a week but still miss him the rest of the time.
I did keep him all week while my daughter worked, but I now find that I need to return to work on a part-time basis.
As far as the quietness; I thought I would enjoy a little quiet but It is so lonely around this house when he is not here. I know I am lucky to be able to be active in his life and I do thank god for that. I just need to get off my
"pity-pot" and adjust. Hope all works out for you and yours.

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I know what the OP is talking mother has the same problems. She's been working retail for quite a while and she's now manager of a jewelry store chain. She hardly gets any time off. She'll schedule her days off and then something will happen or someone won't show up and she has to go in and cover. We were just discussing on the phone how she never knows if her day off will be her day off. The stress has gotten to her so much that she was just put on high blood pressure medicine yesterday (she's 42). I know she gets upset because she doesn't get to spend the time with my son (3) that she always talked about. And she wishes that she and I could hang out and go shopping together and other stuff that grown up daughters and mothers do. It's hard for her to even take him over night because first off she doesn't know if she'll end up working and also because my step father has to work in the morning and he doesn't even get time to enjoy his grandson. We live only about 10 miles apart. Just be sure to at least call and try to make some sort of time for your grandkids. They'll understand if you at least make some sort of an effort.

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Oh, I do call many of times and talk with my little ones. I talk plenty with my daughters also, but you know, I think some of it is I am having a mid life crisis. Time is moving so fast, everyone has things to catch up on. I think back to when I didn't work when my children were little, I guess knowing it is a must for myself to work now days, it just tenders me when I see my beautiful little ones not staying little. I believe that grandparenting is a second chance from god, for many things. Like I said, I think I am feeling sorry life has to be fast and so much happens out there. Corresponding with all of you sure helps. Thanks all for being there.

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Wow! I am in a completely different situation than you all. My 22 year old son has come back home with our baby grandson. Baby's Mom has disappeared and this beautiful little boy is here full time. Hubby and I are young retirees (54) and we also have a 24 year ould daughter who is here full time in the summer. Baby is totally loved by all four of us. My husband and I have legal custody proceedings in progress with the agreement of our son who has just started working in a career and who travels 2 weeks out of every 6. We planned a retirement without kids, pets or debts..LOL, ROTFL. Legal costs are astronomical; adult kids are still here and a little baby too. Our old cats are 21 and baby and Daddy brought a 2 year old feline as well! Luckily, we are healthy, young enough, have a big house, and almost enough money...LOL Most of our friends think we are saints and nuts. I think we are lucky and blessed.

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Dear jak 1;
Pat you all on the back! You have an incredible story- please keep in touch here. Where you from? I am Wisconsin.

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My family lives in a small village in Ontario, Canada. Our family laws were updated about 5 years ago and are a little kinder to extended family than they were, lucky for us. Will post again after court on Tuesday!

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My story is so long it would take a hugh novel to cover it all. I had three sons Oldest was divorsed with 2 natural children and 2 adopted [All in Florida]and 10 great grand children We see very little of them, Do get an occasional picture. He is remarried and has 2 step children both married and one cild there and learned today another on the way. They are in NC.
Second son has a daughter and 3 step children We are very close to them. Thank goodness.
Number three son has two boys both married, One in service in Texas and one son close by with two girls but
don't see them too much.
We would love to see more of them but then we are pretty busy with visitation in rest homes and such, We are both getting pretty close to the 80 mark.

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Hey guys! Went to court on Tuesday to ask to start custody proceedings without babe's mother, who has not been seen since April. Judge asked what steps we would take if motion was granted. Our lawyer explained, and indicated that all parties are in agreement. Judge's response "Well, if all parties and their lawyers are present and everyone agrees, let's just do the cusotdy order now!"!! Wow! Done!

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:):):) Happy for you my friend. This is a time of celebration for you all. This little one be ever so lucky to have you all as his family where there is love and caring surroundings. When you stop to think of all the little ones that don't get that chance just makes a person shudder. Please keep us posted on the days ahead. This weekend we have a local festival called the Horse and Colt Show, with games, rides, parade, small scale rodeo, and a truck/tractor pull. Also there is flea markets and exhibits to see. My whole family will be together for the festivities. They all come Friday night and stay until Sunday. Looking forward to a good time. Until next time I wish you the best.

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