My Dear Friends, Lauren and Darren

lulie___wayneJanuary 22, 2006

I just wanted to start a new post to introduce to you my dear friend, Lauren. Lauren lost her precious son, Darren, on December 6 of this year. Darren was a precious young man who was very loved by so many people.

In case you all didn't see her response to my message regarding Christin appearing to Lauren (A post of Hope for Christmas posted on December 8)and my other posts telling you all about this sign from God, they are worth reading. God truly is all knowing and all good.

Please welcome my sweet and deeply grieving friend, Lauren.


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Lulie, Thank you for the sweet introduction. Although I can say "It is not an honor to be here on this site--it is by unconditional love of my son who is not on earth anymore. Blessings to All who are here. Lauren

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Lauren, welcome to the forum. My sincerest sympathies on the loss of your beloved son. I hope you will find comfort here; you are among friends.

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Lauren, Welcome to this forum where we all try to help each
other in our time of grief. I am so sorry that you had to feel
the pain as all of us to join this forum. God bless you and
each one of us here.

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Welcome to this forum. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son. There is so much sadness here when you take the time to read everyone's stories. It is heartbreaking, and at times, too much to take in. But there is hope too, and friendship. And I hope you can find comfort among us unseen friends.

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To all listening, almost two months have passed since my son Darren was called from this earth to eternity. The numbness is starting to wear off. The pain is gut wrenching, it is so very hard to visit his resting place, although I am drawned there almost every day. I have not sent out a single Thank YOu note to family and friends. I don't know how to start. I do not want to send a general impersonal thank you. So So So many people have been there for us and are still there for us to lean on. I can't bring myself to open the large zipped case given to us by the funeral home director. It contains the cards from all the flower arrangements and donation envelops. I don't know if there is a "proper" response time. I can't go upstairs to his room where so many of his friends have left letters and notes. How do I do this???? I just want to see my son with his great smile and infectious laugh. Lauren

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Again, I am so sorry for your loss and your pain. I just wanted to share with you that when we lost my parents, my sisters and I sat down together and wrote the thank you's. Most were generic statements like "thank you so much for you love and support" and signed our family name. Special ones - close friends, we wrote more. I know you don't want to send generic ones because you feel it is too impersonal. But people know how you are hurting. It's not like wedding gift thank you's where people are hurt if you do not thank them for their gift. People won't even care if you EVER formally thank them. They didn't send flowers or food for the thank you. They did it out of love, and because they wanted to do "something" to help. We all feel so helpless when someone we care about is hurting. I think that if you cannot bear to write them then don't. At least not now. It's okay. If you do decide to write them then get some help with them. You should not have to do it alone. And just get through them, nothing else. The people closest to you know how much they mean to you.

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Lauren, what Joanie said is so right. Everyone who visited, sent flowers, donations, food, etc. did it because they love Darren and your family. No one is waiting for their thank you note from you. All we want to do is be there for you all. You don't need anything else added to your life to make you stressful or unhappy.
Lauren, I know it's so very hard. My heart breaks for you all every day. I'm so sorry that you too, have to deal with this.

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