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isabelle08August 30, 2008

We are having a problem with my step-daughter concerning her 5 yr old son spending the night. I apologize in advance as this will be rather long.

My SD has 2 children, one 5 and the other 6 months. She lives over an hour away but next door to her inlaws. Her Mom is a widow and lives in the next town. My SD is very used to leaving her children and doing what she pleases. When the first one was born, she went on a 2 week cruise when he was just 2 months old. He was left with her inlaws(who are retired) and her Mom.I thought this was be out of the country on a ship when your baby is so young!Incidentally, DH and I went on a cruise the next month and she was VERY upset that she wasn't asked to go(and leave the baby again)We did take my 2 children(who were 16 and 17)

After this time, she would ask us periodically to take the baby overnight. Let me explain the situation and you can give me your thoughts and opinions.

We were not able to take him then as my DH was diagnosed with cancer. He had several surgeries and is doing well, but it was a long haul. Still during this time she is asking about the overnights. We tell her no because he isn't well enough and I am working days and going to school nights.

Fast forward and there is a cookout at my house last year. It was a week after my bday. She had not acknowledged it in any way. DH asked her if she had said anything to me and she told him no. He asked if she would at least say Happy Bday and she told him "later". Needless to say, she never did. He asked me and I told him "no" So he emailed her and asked her what the problem was. Well this opens a can of worms about the cruise and we never take her son for the night. He goes back to when she lived with me and ignored my mother's wake and funeral, looked down on my house, and made fun of my children. In addition to starting MUCH trouble with my MIL and us(telling woe is me stories)

I must explain the situation about the sleepovers. My husband works very strange hours. This weeks schedule looks like this Friday 11am-7pm, Sat 5am-3pm, Sun 6am-4pm, Mon 5am-3pm, Teus, Wed, off, Thurs 5pm-2am. It is generally the same type of hours although he very seldom gets 2 days in a row off, and usually one weekend day off every 2 weeks although he has to go in very early the following day. Just the nature of the job.I also work mornings and go to school afternoons and some evenings as well as taking online classes.

Well, the silence has been broken and she is at it again with the sleepover thing. Can she not see that we simply cannot because of our scheduled as well as DH having to undergo testing on at least 2 of his days off each month(due to the cancer)

Is it me??? Is it something I don't see??? This woman is so selfish that I don't even know what else to say. They had an engagement party, shower, wedding, double bday party(her DH and son Bdays are 2 months apart)and a housewarming in a year!! Everyone bent over backwards for her. Including my cousin who was recently diagnosed with cancer and is in very bad shape. She has heard zilch from SD.Not even a card.

When she was pregnant and no one would have a shower for her(Mom was pissed about the baby)I did. While DH was in the hospital after a surgery. My thanks for it...she tells my DD that "Next baby I'll have a real shower with 200 people"????????WHAT??????????200 PEOPLE?????

Anyway there are so many more instances of her behavior but this is really bothering me. Opinions??

Thanks, Isabelle

Things are finally quiet and peaceful. Her husband or her Mom take the kids to see us.

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