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angel123January 16, 2007

My mother passed away 4 months ago. I miss her so much. Well here it goes. My sister and her baby thats 2 years old name is Roger. My mother passed away. Roger who my mother proud and joy is 2 years old. My nephew Roger new who new my mother was 2 at the time, My sister was at her house at the time also Roger. They were alone cause my sister husband had to work that night. Well, When my sister was changing Roger diapers Roger all of of sudden said grandma, Holding his hand up in the air and facing up. My sister said oh my god he never said spoke or said Grandma name loudly till that night. So anyway My sister said grandma is watching over us and taking care of us. What do yall think? DEBBIE.

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It could very well be a sign and I hope it was. God Bless.

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Sure sounds like a sign to me. In any case, I'm sure your mother is watching over you all.

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I believe it is a sign.... they can still watch over us. I smell my mom a lot, this is her way of letting me know she is not completely gone from me. She wore this distinct perfume, in which my dad bought me for Christmas this year, but anynow, I will get wiffs of it every now and again and I never opened the bottle dad got me, so I know it's not from that. I believe my mom is my angel because why wouldn't she be here on earth she was. I love you mom and i miss you something awful......

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My mom just passed away unexpectedly on January 6, 2007. Her favorite place to be was Las vegas, she always stayed at Fitzgeralds. Mom spent the New Year Weekend in Las Vegas, at Fitzgeralds. She was home less than a week and then died. I asked mom to please give a sign, about a week later, I was digging through my purse and found a Fitzgerald dollar token. I was shocked, that had never been there before and no one could explain to me how it got there. I know it was a sign from my mom, my sister thinks I am crazy but she still cannot explain its appearance.

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Its me again. Okay last week my 2 year old nephew Roger was at my house. My dad and sisters were there along with Roger. Roger was playing and all of a sudden he said grandma. Remember we didnt even talk about my mother. Roger was looking at me, then hes eyes was looking at the door, He said again grandma and we told him where is grandma. He looked at me then he looked again at the door. I said where is grandma. Roger continulsly looked at the door and said open the door. We did open and he looked at the door. Roger another occasion was at my sister house. Roger was watching a dvd movie at my sister Norma house. All of a sudden Roger turned around and said grandma. My sister said Roger you see grandma. Is it true little toddler can see things we cant?

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I don't know if toddlers can see things we can't but it may be so.
My DH passed 5 months ago and I have had a few things happen which I know came from him.Before he went home he told me that after he went he wanted me to go on a cruise and I asked him how I would do that on my own, his answer was that our youngest daughter would take care of it. A few days after the funeral our youngest daughter told me that her mother-in-law was going on a trip to Holland with a tour group and there was room if I wanted to go, so I said yes and sent my money. At Christmas I mentioned to her M-i-L that it would be a chore taking suit cases in and out of hotels, that was when she told me that it was a cruise on a canal boat through Holland and Belgium.
Our oldest daughter had her first baby after ten year of trying and has tried for three years for a second one, a few weeks ago she announced that she was pregnant and was due in October. I cried because this is the only grandchild who would never meet it's Poppi, my daughter said "are you kidding, daddy pick this one out for us". After her first doc. appt. she told me that the baby is due Nov 19, four days before my husband's anniversary, I believe that he wanted us to be happy instead of sad, plus my Birthday is Nov.21 and he was in a coma that day.
Shortly after he passed I had a dream that a strange man came up to me and gave me the sweetest kiss and I said "Don't leave, I recognize that kiss", but he was gone.Only recently I remembered that, because of his condition, we never had a goodbye kiss, I just kissed him on the forehead and it was only a few days ago that I realized that the kiss in that dream was our goodbye kiss.
Yes, I know that he is watching over me and making sure that I am alright and I know that all your loved ones are looking after you, just keep an open mind and heart.
God Bless all.

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I don't know for sure whether babies and toddlers can see what we cannot, but I suspect so. When our son was very young, say a few months to a year old, he would occasionally focus into a point in midair, and reach out or just smile and giggle. He definitely was not focusing on anything or anyone that we could see. We believe he either saw his guardian angel, or maybe his aunt or grandmother, but he definitely saw something or someone who gave him joy.

He is now going on 5 years old, and since my wife has passed, he says he dreams about her and talks to her every night. He knows that she is still with him and watches over him. I haven't received any signs, or I may not have noticed any. Perhaps my heart is not ready to truly accept that she is gone from this world. There must be something about the innocence of a child that makes them open to see what we cannot. Sometimes I wish we could all be like children in that regard.

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Children (some) are supposed to have very strong ties to the other side, and be able to see and feel things we can't, though most outgrow it eventually. I absolutely believe Roger saw his grandmother in some way or other - maybe it's a way of protecting kids from hurting too much.

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I talked with a co-worker this morning,our conversation was about lost loved ones and she told me that her son was born right after her mother died and as a toddler he used to stand in his playpen and point into the corner of the room and talk just like he was talking to a person. On times when she visited the cemetery and took him with her he would turn his head all around and talk his baby talk just as if he was talking to people around him.I told her about the people on this forum who say that toddlers see what we don't. Her explanation is that they are so new and they came from heaven and still have memory of it and the people they knew from heaven, it's only as they get older that their memories fade. Isn't that interesting?

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