Is This Forum being Moved?

DanceyAugust 25, 2004

I read in the suggestions that there was an interest in moving the Grandparent Forum to the Senior Forum. Is that going to happen? I just joined here today and would like to know so I can keep up with it.


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Hi Dancey,

This is my first time coming to the grandparents forum. It's apparent from the dates on past posts that this is not a very popular forum.

If you make things for your little grandkiddies come and share 'em with us in Crafts & Decorations... it's very friendly :)

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I like the Retirement, Vacations and Step Families forums and they all seem to be very slow. I did visit the Grand Parents forum, but we are waaaaayyyy past grandchildren. They are grown. :o)

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I have suggested we have a Senior Forum, which could cover a lot, from grandparents, medical issues (not political), travel, empty nest, retirement and oh so much more. There are seniors who travel, stay home, have to take care of the children, or for personal reasons, who never have children, but still have to deal with young people.

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I hope this forum isn't being moved. I'm a new grandparent, but I'm not a "senior".

And I do have a wonderful 2 week old granddaughter whose living with me so I get to see her every day.

I claimed that "I" wasn't going to be like those "other" grandparents. "I" was going to keep my head on my shoulders and not act the fool.

Boy am I eating a lot of words.....


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Hi PJ! And Welcome to the forum! Even if it is only the two of I was told this forum would not be moved but there's very little activity here. sigh I sure wish there was. I am a Grandparent too and enjoying it so much! Congratulations on your new Grandbaby!! And it's a girl! My youngest grandchild is a girl too. I keep her three days a week for my dd while she and her hubby work. Don't worry about sounding and acting silly!! lol I think we all do when those grandbabies come along. I still do and I've got 5 grandchildren, hubby has four, so we have 9 altogether.
So PJ how is your new little granddaughter doing anyway? And how is your daughter? Tell me all about them. I would love to hear. My granddaughter's name is Aeryn and she's 18 mos. old and such a little doll. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes. My daughter is age 37 so she didn't start her family until late. We are all so tickled for her that she finally has a child.


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I just read your My Page thingie and see you're from Texas too! How great! Where in Tx. are you? I am in a small rural town near Madisonville, Texas which is about halfway between Houston and Dallas. We shop in Bryan/College Station a lot.


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Grandchildren...glad I found this I ever have some bragging to do LOL I will have to come back a little later and talk about my granddaughter, and also read up on all of you and yours. I am tickled I found this site!

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Hi Sus!! This is not a very active forum but I still like to come here and Brag! *G* Tell us all about your granddaughter!!

We had Aeryn this weekend and had so much fun. She's 19 1/2 mos. old and such a delight. We live on a farm and have a huge yard. She loves to be outside playing and watching the cows. Right now she's amazed at all the acorns that have fallen to the ground. I found an old bucket so she had fun picking up acorns and putting them in her bucket. ;) She tried to feed them to the dogs! lol We have two blue heeler dogs that she loves and they are so good with her.


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