Patio Furniture-Quality difference between Target vs. High end

bnicebkindNovember 8, 2005

It appears that for the price difference between the cast Aluminum or Teak patio furniture offered at Target, Sams, Home Depot, etc. that you could buy a couple of sets over the years for what it costs for outdoor patio furniture at the high end furniture stores. How much difference in quality is there between them? For those of you that have bought each of these, how well have they held up? What can you tell me to educate me on this?

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When we purchased a home 18 years ago we ordered a lot of high end pool and patio furniture. We spent thousands of dollars ahd special ordered it thru a local store and within months it rusted. They sent out a rep who agreed to replace it under warranty. The replacement set also rusted within months! (All this in sunny California weather) The retail store agreed to take it all back and we ordered replacement furniture from a different manufacturer. That set was like new when we moved 8 years ago, I finally sold it thru the local classifieds as I was bored with it. So, what you get when you spend $$$ is usually a good warranty, usually 5 years or longer, but check first.

A couple of years ago I purchased some high end wood patio chairs that have held up well thus far. And 5 years ago we purchased a really inexpensive Aluminum patio set from Costco, I'm surprised it still looks as good as it does and it's sturdy too! We remove the cushions for winter but otherwise the set sits in the snow. (I don't know that I'd do that with wood)

So....... my long winded reply is: If you see a budget priced set you really like then check out the construction and if it passes go for it. Otherwise you can special order a trendy set of your dreams thru a local retailer or even online.

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bnicebkind you remember the name of the company whose furniture still looked great after 8 years?

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bnicebkind, sorry I've racked my brain but don't recall the manufacturers...maybe Jordan something? Brown? Geeze, the memory is the first to go..... :~(

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Now we are really actually ordering the outdoor furniture. Does anyone else have more experiences between the outdoor (cast alluminum) furniture from Target, home Depot, Sams/Cosco versus the high end outdoor furniture at the higher end outdoor/patio furniture stores? Wow, i had no idea that you could literally drop thousands of dollars on outdoor funiture at these places.

So tell me the differences from your experience.

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Hi bnicebkind - do I recognize you from the pool board? We are about to order our Tropitone furniture, mostly because I can't find anything that fits my needs locally. We want sling furniture, everything needs to coordinate, and we want a table that seats 8. Unfortunately, that's a custom job. We are spending more money on this than I ever imagined.

In any case, go out and look at Tropitone or Carter Grandle and the difference between that and Target brand will be obvious. It's also manufactured domestically. But if you plan to replace in 3 to 5 years, Target may be just fine.

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And one more thing - Tropitone has a 15 year warranty. We are buying from NC so saving loads of money, but still spending more than I want to think about......

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We have a few Cast Classic Landgrave pieces that are cast aluminum that we got about 10 yrs ago in a patina finish( a finish that looks like copper that has aged naturally.) They are beautiful and have held up wonderfully, look like the first day we got them. We have decided to go ahead and add to what we have. We need a table to seat eight, two chaise lounges, chairs, and urns. We have finally decided to go ahead and place our order soon because an order takes 12 wks to come and we want to have it when the weather turns nice. However, We have been looking at our options for literally years, do we get cheaper stuff and just replace it eventually or high end that will last. We've decided to go for the stuff that will last even though initially it will be a huge expense. We are going to order from NC.

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I have a 2 year old Tropitone set that sat inside during the winter and outside this winter. So far, it has worn well, the swivel chairs still are quiet and swivel well, the slings clean well with spic-n-span, or a mild bleach solution, and the finish looks good. We have some relatives who have a cheaper set from Home Depot (in a darker finish) and the finish has really faded from sitting in the sun on their deck. I chose tropitone for the warranty, and wanted a lighter sling color, so custom-ordered. It seems like all the current sets have earth tone slings, so if you want something different, you have to custom order it.

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We have Brown Jordan furniture, it still looks good but I really do not think it is worth the money that you pay for it. It is aluminum and I do have one complaint, it can get very windy in our back yard and the table blew over and shattered the glass top. I attribute it to the very light-weight furniture. (Our trampoline also blew away before we buried it in the ground) The nice part of it is we can hang it on the wall in the garage during the winter. My sister has some from Sam's and hers looks great at 1/5th the price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brwon Jordan Set

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We bought a high end set in '93. Cost a fortune at a pool/patio place. It is aluminum, sling style. It still looks great 13 yrs. later. The only problem is I'm sick of the colors and they don't go with the remodeling we did to the outside of our house in 2003. Ours also blow around in high winds -- we did have to replace the glass in the table when it blew over.

We are building a new home and this set will not go with us (one of our lucky kids will be the recipient). We will probably go with Costco, etc. so we can replace when the style or colors change (plus there probably won't be any $$ left after we build the house :)

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I spent $1500 2 years ago at BJs for a large table, 6 arm chairs, a bar, 4 swivel bar stools, a loveseat and 2 large arm chairs with back and seat cushions, a cocktail table and an end talble. It is cast aluminum (table top too)and included cushions. It is on a covered porch and has held up fine (except the levelers on the bottom of the legs have pretty much fallen off). I went to the local patio shop after seeing it to compare prices and styles. It looked similar to some of the stuff they were selling but the salesman told me I would be lucky to find a table and 4 chairs for $1500 so I went back to BJs.

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We bought a nice set of Brown Jordan vinyl strap furniture in 1976. We just moved into a new house, and wanted to get some new outdoor furniture. We looked at the current Brown Jordan offerings, and they are mostly overdone style-wise, and horrifically expensive - about $3500 at the low end! We were in a Wallmart, and a nice enough set of aluminum furniture with four chairs and a table with a tempered glass top was $188!!! I may take our old furniture to Criterion Lawn Furniture repair in the DC area and get it refurbished. May also get a set of the Wallmart stuff for the heck of it, and see how it holds up.

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I have a cast aluminum set from Walmart that I got 10 years ago. It would have retailed for about $600 back then, but I found it sitting in a corner of the garden department while looking for a Christmas tree, and got it for $250.

It sits on my brick patio summer and (snowy New England) winter, and just this season is beginning to get a bit rusty. I'm going to wire brush it and spray paint it, and I'll bet it lasts another 10 years.

That said, it's simply not as attractive as some of the beautiful high-end pieces, but it is very comfortable and blends well with my yard.

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Purchased some all weather wicker last year which was medium priced and it rusted almost immediately. Rust all over our new paver patio. I don't know what it was made of. Maybe steel. Aluminum no rust would have been better but I didn't know about this type of thing. I have purchased the inexpensive metal furniture from target and had a little rust on the chairs after 3 years. Brushed with a metal brush and sprayed. Worked great.

Bad thing about the wicker is that if it rusts you cannot sand down and paint.

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We bought a cheap set of aluminum or something from Target 6 years ago, and it has a few rust spots, but not very many. The color has faded. We bought a set of wood from Target last year, and it has cracked and split. It will be thrown away as soon as our pool is finished being built, and I'll probably buy teak or some type of aluminum. The wood at Target is teak oiled Nyatoah wood. It doesn't last, so don't bother with it.

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I bought a Hampton Bay table with 6 chairs from Home Depot about a year ago. Since then, one of the swivel chairs has broken in half (the weld failed) and the "bronze" finish is totally coming off of the backs of the chairs. The cushions have all split and are terrible looking. Pricewise, it wasn't that cheap, but it's junk in my opinion. I've learned my lesson - next time I'm getting our outdoor furniture from the place below. It may be more of an investment, but I know it will last a long time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Summer Classics

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We purchased a Telescope brand aluminum sligback table and chairs 3 years ago. Telescope is an American brand. A 48" round glass table with 5 chairs and umbrella and stand was $1,000. I've seen similar looking sets at Fortunoff for half the price. Still wondering if I made the right choice but the set has been outside the whole time and still looks great. No fading or rusting.

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Purchased a several sets of patio furniture 5 years ago, Mallin is the manufacturer..Expensive,yes,quality, excellent..well worth the $$ anything else, you get what you pay for..shopped the furniture locally, saved 30% by having it shipped up from a NC dealer

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We have an aluminum set. I don't remember where we bought it or the manufacturer's name, but it's definitely not high-end. It has been outside & has held up pretty well. The paint has flaked off in a few spots, but nothing major. The only other problem we've had is that the screws used were another kind of metal & they've rusted. I'm not sure if I'll keep it for the new house. If I do, I'll replace the screws with galvanized.

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We purchased a Winston set (4 swivel sling chairs and table) 14yrs ago for about $1800 had the slings in chairs replaced 2 yrs ago for $200. It sat out in Atlanta weather 365 days - chairs and all until we moved to FL 1 year ago - it still looks pretty good - white paint is not as shinny. If you want something to last forever get a Winston set. I'm not sure if I would do this again I feel bad getting rid of it now because it cost so much back when we purchased it, even know I am really sick of it! :)

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We bought a Brown Jordan aluminum set at an estate sale 10 years ago and it's still great looking. I can't imagine buying a new set and paying full retail.

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We bought a Tropitone aluminum/sling set 3 years ago. So far, it is still holding up. We have occasionally left it uncovered under the rain, and we also get high winds in our area. I haven't seen any molds forming on the fabric and haven't noticed any squeeking sounds on the swivel chairs.

Last year, we bought Woodard wrought iron chairs and side table. We placed these in a covered patio, so I think it should hold up. We were told by the salesperson that a few raindrops brought by the wind should not cause it to rust.

Both were bought at a high end outdoor/patio furniture store, and we're happy with the service and quality. This year, however, I'm looking into buying a set from Target for the courtyard. Has anyone have the Mooreana collection?

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I have the Tropitone set and so far so good..

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I spent over $2000.00 on Tropitone furniture and would never buy from them again. The colors faded on the actual sling frames and then the paint oxidized and started chipping off in huge pieces. I don't have a piece that is not falling apart. I use a mild soap and store in the winter. I have had pieces repaired, a few replaced and am now fighting to have them all replaced. Make sure you save your receipts and that you are the original owner!!! I have never done this on any furniture or item before in my life. Most of what I buy stands the test of time. This furniture gave me trouble within the first season. Lesson I have the good looking cheaper furniture at Lowes, Home Depot, Sams and Cosco and just replace every 5 years. You will have new furniture, colors and style. You could buy 4 sets for what I paid for with this set by now. Never again! Extremely disatisfied and have reported to whomever I can tell so people don't make the same mistake.

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I have not heard of NCI and will take a look at it. I appreciate the time you all took to offer your experiences with the various brands. I saw one brand whose style I liked...Braxton Culler. I see in Coastal Living, that people are starting to buy the brown outdoor wicker...where for awhile everyone seemed to want white. We are trying to decide on colors.

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I have some of the NCI pieces...double glider, 2 chairs, coffee table and end table. I purchased it 2 summers ago from a dealer in Shallotte, NC. It has been nothing but a pleasure to use and maintain. Mine is the black outdoor wicker, and it stays outside, under a covered patio, year-round (only the cushions are stored for the winter). It is extremely comfortable and durable. And, the best part is that I didn't "break the bank" buying it. The prices, I think, are very reasonable for such quality.

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I have a lower deck six stairs up from our pool that when we entertain we use to sit and chat and eat dinner at. If we are just out of the pool we are sometimes wet. Do you think sling chairs or cast aluminum chairs are a better idea. I am contemplating a set of all cast alum from Hannamint but also looking at Tropitone with slings but that will be like double the price!

Thanks for the insights!

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I think the tropitone with slings would be the better choice and easy to use and maintain; I still have mine from a previous set bought in 1994, I keep them as extra pieces and they are solid and the sling has not budged.

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I have cushions and it was a mistake. Slings are much more practical unless you have a covered area. Aluminum is lighter and will never rust. However, sometimes the extra weight and strength of steel is a good thing. The domestic brands have a much better powdercoating than the imports.

My imported set started to show rust within a year or two. Off season I have to store it in a shed. Someone I know has a hand-me-down quality domestic set (can't remember the brand) and its fifteen years old, kept outside year-round (snowy winters and all) and looks like new and no rust. The price difference is big, but, if it doesn't change the way you live spend the extra $$$ for good domestic.

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Maybe 5 years ago I purchased a heavier aluminum (maybe cast?) from Sam's Club...JRA is the company and paid $600 - $800. It has actually held up pretty well. Last year while sitting around the table, I noticed that the welding on 1 chair (we have 6 swivel rockers) had come undone. I got out my receipt and information and realized that there was a 5 year warranty with the set. Thought I'd call the company and see what they would do to fix it, expecting nothing at all. They asked me to email a few pictures of where the welding had come apart and my receipt. After a few weeks (and a few extra phone calls...get the feeling there is a lot of turnover in this company), they sent me an email of chairs, asked if I liked them and said they would send me 6 at no charge. Of course my old set is beige and I'd now prefer black...asked if they could send me anything in black...sorry, no can do. About a week later they were delivered...absolutely no fee at all. I'm thinking about painting everything black and getting an extra table or fire pit...Any suggestions on what type of paint to use? My suggestion would be if your set comes with a warranty, be sure to keep the receipts!!!! It paid off for me big time!

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I have a new tropitone sling set. It was very expensive but I wanted something hoepfully that will last a very long time. I also have covers for it for winter since we get a lot of snow here.

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Three years ago we bought a cast aluminum set with a table and umbrella and 6 double-cushion chairs (two that swivel), matching loveseat and side table for under $1500. We purchased everything from a lumber and building supply chain local to San Diego, and everything has held up very well in our very sunny and warm climate. We had bought our previous set at Walmart but it only lasted a season or two before rust set in. Target has some really nice looking patio furniture that I wouldn't hesitate to buy. My girlfriend has a set from Costco that's about 8 years old and still looks fantastic. Sure, you can spend big bucks on the upscale brands, but like a previous poster said, you'll probably get bored with the furniture before you need to replace it.

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If you buy it at Sam's/Costco - keep your receipt - with their satisfaction guarantee, they will refund your $$ - anytime!

lizzie315 - you can return your furniture to the store for a refund.

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are you kidding me? I'll have to call them and ask!! Thanks for the information!!!

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Our current Tropitone furniture is now 20 years old and still going strong. It was $1,500 back then. We had to replace the cushions a few years back that we had made from a replacement cushion company, but they weren't as good as the Tropitone ones. We do put the cushions in a Rubbermaid deck shed in winter or during rain. While our furniture is old, it still works just fine for us, though it has some rust on the base of two chair. When we replace it, we'd get another Tropitone set.

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A few facts. Patio furniture at Target and Home Depo Lowes and kmart ,Walmart. is one class MASS MARKET not bad for the price. BUT not real CAST ALUM. most tubular steel or alum. lots of glass tops.

Patio Furniture at Sams and COSTCO for the most is every bit the same or better than Patio stores. AT ONE THIRD THE PRICE. I am a direct importer of the same all from China.
They have a very limited selection for a short time .And sell it for less than 1% net profit.

I am just stunned that almost no one that shops at Membership stores,understands the real numbers. I see it every day ,they can't tell the difference between retail and below cost wholesale.

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We have a Brown Jordan patio set we received as a wedding gift from my Mother-in-law. It is still perfect. We don't have too much weather to deal with (So. Calif.) but the set was tossed around the yard once in an extreme wind storm. It's time to paint it now ... I feel it's outdated because it's dark green.The paint is still in excellent shape though. Good Luck!

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We spent about $2k on a Telescope set of 6 slings (2 swivel) and a glass table about 8 years ago. It has held up well, except my husband accidentally knocked over the table and broke it. We replaced it with a table from Lowe's. The great thing about this furniture was that when my dog was a puppy and chewed one of the slings, I was able to call Telescope and purchase a replacement sling. This was about 4 years ago, and would not have been possible with a big box purchase. I'm not sure if I would spend that much again on a patio set. I have seen some high-end sets on craigslist.

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This thread is over two years old now and I'm sure Bnice has long since bot patio furniture. However as other folks 'in the market' may read this I'll chime in with my experiences.

Early 80's (maybe '81 or '82) we bot 2 chairs, an ottoman & a cocktail table - all Brown Jordan with a cost of $700 or thereabouts (CDN $$'s). Mid 80's, unable to find a matching chaise lounge from BJ we bot one from Tropitone in similar colors. Don't recall the cost of that. Lived with and used those pieces for many years. Come 2005 we moved and now had a big enough patio to want/require a table & chairs. For this item we bought a HD Hampton Bay set - 2 swivels, 4 chairs, dining table and umbrella with stand for about $1000.00 (again C$'s).

For my BJ + Tropitone, I have no regrets on my purchase. Over 20 years later and they are still in pretty good condition. Yes the paint is a little faded and I'd really like to re-strap them plus somehow I seem to be missing a couple of plastic feet things for the chairs/table. That said, I feel 20 years of use is pretty darn good.

Hampton Bay set had a weld failure on one of the swivels. Spoke with HD & then Hampton Bay and new base was sent promptly. We did have a little rust at the weld joints on both swivels (though not on the regular chairs) on which we wire-brushed and used the touch up paint. At this juncture I have no problems with the Hampton Bay set either.

Then last year we created a new patio/deck and bought another set - this time something called Niles - I believe from Home Depot again. I can't recall whether it was Hampton Bay brand or not. Now it's winter (and its away) but I'm thinking it was/is 2 reg chairs, one swivel rocker, a chaise and a couple of small cocktail type tables. Again, thus far, no problems with these.

We either put away (BJ + Trop) or cover (Home Depot stuff) all furniture late fall to decent spring. Living in the PNW that is kinda a given. I also store the cushions out of 'bad weather' in the spring/summer.

Though we've only had the latest set for one summer or so, it's all held up very well so I really can't complain about any of it considering the price point for each.

Will the Home Depot last as long as the Brown Jordan or Tropitone? Not likely. All said and done, you get what you pay for if you use your common sense - your conditions, requirements, length of anticipated use and like that. If you're planning on moving in 3-5 years and your color preferences may change, then I likely wouldn't do the big spendy thing. OTOH if this is your forever home, perhaps its a consideration. YMMV

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Costco Rules!!! The have the best patio sets. They are amazing. They only have them in the begining of spring ( right now) and will not carry any during the summer. So, I would take a peek. Remember, if you are not happy with it , at any time, you can return for a full refund.
Huge Costco fan. Best of Luck.

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My advice to those weighing whether to buy high-end patio furniture or low-cost furniture is to buy both. You can do that by buying at Costco, which sells high-quality patio furniture at very good prices. What's more, if you are really alert you can sometimes find their merchandise discounted very deeply as the season ends. We bought a seven-piece patio set (6 chairs and a 7-foot stone-top table) at Costco for $1,200, which was less than half the price being charged by patio stores for comparable merchandise. A few months later, we noticed that the set we had bought had been reduced to $600. Thanks to Costco's marvelous "return at any time for a full refund" policy, we were able to get a refund representing the difference between what we had paid and what Costco was then charging. Costco is the nation's best retailer and its managers are smart enough to know that making a customer lug a patio set back to the store, get a full refund, and then turn around and buy the same set again at a much lower price makes no sense whatsoever.
We've had our set nearly 2 years now and it looks as good as it did the day we bought it. In the winter, we store the cushy "deep seat" Sunbrella-covered cushions indoors and cover the table and chairs with the cover that came with the set. Otherwise, we've done nothing special to preserve or maintain it.
And, just so you know, we WERE able to get a replacement for a cushion that was damaged by squirrels. I wish I could tell you how, but I am afraid that might pose problems for some very nice people who helped us when they didn't really have to. Sorry.
For those of you needing replacement cushions, I suggest that you consider having them made, which you can do at any number of places. We intend to do that if and when we need additional cushions. In the meantime, we are getting samples of Sunbrella fabric so that we can match the fabric with which our cushions are covered once we need to have cushions made.
As best I can tell, no one sells the cushions that come with Costco patio furniture, which strikes me as a shortcoming in need of correcting. Maybe someone--perhaps even Costco--will someday correct it. Obviously, with furniture likely to last for many, many years, there is a growing market for replacement cushions.

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About 10 years ago we bought a 10 piece set from Sears for $300.00. It came with a table, 6 chairs, 2 footrests and cushions. I figured it would either last a year and we'd learn our lesson or it would last forever. So far I've only had to replace the cushions but that was my fault for leaving them out all year in Michigan!

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I purchased SunCoast furniture about 12 or 13 years ago and it is holding up great. I have the slings as I didn't want to bring the cushions in and out and the slings work great with a pool. If you sit in it wet a few minutes after you get up it is dry. The only problem is that it is white and now outdated and I am tired of it but then I spent about $2,500 so I don't really want to get rid of it. Before that we had a Sears set with 4 chairs and round table. We probably paid under $300 and it lasted for ten years with no problems either.

I think it depends on how long you want to keep it. If 8 - 10 years a cheaper set will probably work, but if you want 20+ years then you need to spend more.

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We bought a pair of Krakenfeffer outdoor studio reclining chairs at a flea market for only $16 dollars a piece. They stay outside all the time. They are infested with rodents and ants and never one time have they rusted out or warped or buckled. My grandma crochets in them and eats lunch in them in the summertime. One of them folded up with her in it one time but I don't think it was the chair's fault.

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Another vote for Costco. I bought Target garbage after the 4th of July (seems that is their traditional clearance)and at 75% off, I still feel robbed. Within 6 months 6 sling-type rocker chairs had broken at the base. After several months of arguing, I gave up on the warranty. I was just lucky the person sitting in the rocker when it broke, didn't sue me. I'm talking a backwards head plant. The Costco stuff lives outside 24/7 for 5 years now and no problems. If money were no object, I'd love the $$$$ stuff, but Costco is a great alternative for those of us on lesser budgets. I wouldn't touch Wal-Mart et al.. for anything. Faded paint might be unsightly, but my chairs could have caused brain damage. And I did get my Costco at end of season prices so I think it set me back $500--at least I don't have to worry about lawsuits.

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Does anybody know how I can get a replacement piece of glass for my hampton bay patio table? The wind took the umbrella out of the table and it shattered into a million little pieces. I keep getting redirected on google, and am getting really frustrated....HELP!

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I have Brown Jordan for 30 years.Wtihstood sons' parties and many friends. Straps come off during really hot weather..boil straps and they stretch again.
Many places to have it fixed if need be. It is the best.

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I bought a set of Homecrest patio furniture in 1992 and it still looks brand new, with minimum care. It was around $1000 then. A friend has bought cheap sets from Target and Ace Hardware through the years and has had to replace broken or rusted furniture about every year. Mine had a 15 year warranty and I'm 5 years past it and it still looks very nice. You get what you pay for!

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My opinion is to go with a good quality set. Our patio furniture is 25 years old and still looks like new. It was coslty. We leave it out even during the winter under a raised deck. I don't remember the brand but the frame is a coated aluminum and some sort of mesh over that. A nice set really makes your patio area look good and inviting.

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Need Beadroom Furniture
Well, two months ago I changed my home furniture. But...
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