Rude grandson

SAG1August 1, 2002

My sister's grandson is so rude. He is 16 and stomps around like an elephant, leaves food out. I say he should respect my rules when he is over. He stomped so hard my pictures fell off the wall. What is it with kids these days?My sister cant control him, nor can his mother, a single Mom.

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All you can do is keep telling him what you would like for him to do. Maybe one day some of it will sink in. You can't expect your sister or his mother to tell him. They seem to have already lost control. He certainly won't behave if you don't tell him.

When you see him leaving food out, remind him each and every time, please put the food away, or in the trash, whatever... Be consistant in what you want.

Ask him why he stomps and then tell him that it really bothers you.. that you would appreciate it if he tried to be a little quieter. It might work, it might not, but it's worth a try. Again, with teenagers, it's like with toddlers, you have to repeat, repeat, repeat and make sure they are listening.

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I know what you mean about a rude grandson- I have a close friend with on also. She came across with an idea to act like him when he is around. It was really interesting. Actually I thought it was comical but the grandson didn"t say to much. Goodluck!

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May I suggest that if there is a man in the family or a close male friend of yours or the other ladies, he sit down with the boy privately and ask him what's bothering him. Maybe its something to do with school. (when its in session) Something must be..cause he's acting the way younger kids act to get 'negative' attention.

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Sounds to me like this teenager is a normal kid. Maybe you should consider on asking him to stop this behaviour. Either way, its good to know that you care about your grandchild. :)

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