Hi! I'm new here!

DanceyAugust 25, 2004

Hi to all of you! I am new to this forum and there's nothing I like better than bragging about my grandchildren! I know I will enjoy meeting you all and sharing some happy stories!


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I am sorry you will find this a very inactive forum. I have suggested they combine it with a couple of others and rename it Senior Forum
If you want to brag on you GC, come to the Kitchen Table and we welcome you to all the forums
I have 4 GD, from 8-23. the 23 just got married and has graduated from college and trying to get a job in her field. the 16 is a honor student and my other two, one play soccer and the other is a gynamastic

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Thank you for the invite! I have joined the kitchen table forum and see it is very active. ;) I love to brag about my grandchildren and all the things they are doing.


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Thank you I'll head over there. I only have the one GD and wish I had more.

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