Cleaning Armstrong Alterna Floor

gardylooJune 1, 2012

We had an Alterna floor installed two weeks ago in our kitchen and family room which is being remodeled. It's a beautiful floor. Although Armstrong's installation instructions and website discuss many "don'ts" for cleaning Alterna, there's no mention of steam mops at all. The steam mop is helpful in our situation because of family allergies to many cleaning products.

I just talked with Emily at Armstrong who said they "discourage" the use of a steam mop because "over time" the heat can break down the finish. There were a lot of hesitations in her answer. They only recommend their own products (of course), which is really no solution. . Good for Armstrong on designing a beautiful product, bad on them for not suggesting an "alterna" to their own products.

Can anyone share their cleaning experiences or recommendations with this product?

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