I am going to be a first time grandmother

bswesleyAugust 29, 2007

My daughter is 6 months pregnant, her baby is due dec 1st. I am 39 and she is 19, at first it felt weird thinking that someone is going to be calling me grandma but now I can't wait. Her pregnancy was unexpected. Her father was very upset when he first found out that she was pregnant, but he is now very excited. When my husband found out he was ready to kill her boyfriend. He is still not happy that it happen, but has came to except it. My husband and my self are happy but scared for her at the same time. I had problems with all 3 of my pregnancy's, I carried my first born to 7 months then I was diagnosed with toxemia Poisoning. My blood pressure rose unbelievably high. We lost the baby, she was still born, I almost died as well. with my second pregnancy the same thing happen (This was my pregnancy with my daughter that is pregnant now). Everything was fine up to my 7th month, I was rushed in for an emergency C section. My daughter weight 4 lbs, she was hooked up to all kinds of machines and IVs. We where so afraid we where going to loose her too but she made it threw. On my 3rd Pregnancy I carried my son to my 8th month. He was my best Pregnancy, everything was fine up until they took him to the nursery then his lungs collapsed. He was in the hospital for two weeks until we got to bring him home, He weight 5 lbs at birth. Now My daughter is expecting and her father and I are worrying are selfs to death. With the problems that I had with my pregnancy's we are so afraid of something going wrong. I pray every day for her and the baby, that she will carry the baby to term and it will be normal and healthy and for my daughter to be ok. My husband and I where talking about my daughter and the baby one night and my husband broke down in tears and told me that he could not take loosing another baby. I told him that he shouldn't think that way they he needed to be positive and pray that everything will be ok. but in the back of my mind I have the same worries. I where about my daughter so much. Its just so hard to stay positive when we have nothing but bad luck. So far everything is going well with my daughter and the baby. Now that she is coming up on her 7th month my nerves are about shot. I just want her to be ok and for the baby to be born with no problems and Healthy. And I hope to get threw this without having a nervous break down. Its hard acting strong for everyone but inside being worried to death.

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I can certainly understand why you are so worried. You mention 'bad luck'. Let's look at the other side -- you and the babies survived & all of you are fine (I assume so from how you wrote). If the doctor is aware of YOUR history, that's good, but probably not worrisome. Just something to file in the back of their mind. As long as she takes care of herself & keeps her dr appointments, there's not lot you can do except pray!! Ask friends & family to pray, too.

And being a grandma before you turn 40 isn't so bad....ask me :-) First g'child in Mar; my youngest graduated from HS in May; I turned 40 in Aug. Had a co-worker a few yrs ago lamenting turning 40 (had 3 kids in grade school). He quit complaining in my hearing when I told him I was grandma before I was 40 :-0 I thot it was funny!!!!

I know it's not easy -- I'd be scared & worried, too -- but try to relax. The baby will be a delight!!

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It's a time to be excited! I know that you will worry a bit, but I don't think the problems that you had while you were pregnant will have any bearing on your daughter at all. Just make sure she takes care of her self! You take care of yourself too! Being a grandma is tons of fun! But man does it make you tired! LOL You are going to love being a grandma and your husband will love grandpa duty too!

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You will love being a Grandma. It might not be the way you always planned, but it's a reality and that you will love.

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