Grandmothers - Can We Talk?

denoraAugust 17, 2005

Are you a long distance grandmother? Are you a reluctant grandmother? Are you an overjoyed grandmother? Are you a fun-loving grandmother? Are you a babysitting grandmother? Are you a traveling grandmother? Are you a reading/teaching grandmother?

I am just beginning my grandmother years and am torn between being "an old fogey" having raised my children in the ancient times of the 70's and 80's and an intelligent well-read advocate of raising happpy/healthy children in the 2000's. My daughter looks to me for advice and direction, yet, at times, looks at me like I am crazy. What is your experience? Can you relate? Can we talk?

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Denora, I raised my sons in the 70's and 80's also.
I am traveling, babysitting (one day a week,(the ones close by), sometimes for a week with the 3 who live 100 mi from me.
I guess I do teach, like lots of excitement with things of nature, have started really talking science,(space station, shuttle etc.) with my 5 year old grandson.
My 3 year old gd is always repeating something I've said, got a memory like an elephant.
One thing I had sons, so I am wondering if its a little different when its your daughters children. I do try not to step on toes, I can remember how I felt with my mil.
Anyway I am an overjoyed gm for sure. Ladieg

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I have two daughters and one son (29, 27, 22). My son, to this day, is much easier to deal with, although my daughters are friendlier than when they were teens. My granddaughter is only 6 weeks old, but is already displaying quite a determined personality. I have warned my daughter. This time around it makes me laugh just as my mother laughed when my first daughter started giving me fits. (she raised 3 daughters and 2 sons). My mil was 3000 miles away, fortunately, because we had our moments when visiting. I guess patience and holding one's tongue will be the best. I am very excited about sharing the world when my gd is 5 as your gs (or even 3) - Zoo, Beach, Parks, etc.

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My youngest son, 31, has the two girls and lives 30 mi, that is the ones I babysit for one day a week. His youngest Lily Grace, was born premature, only 2 lbs, she is a delight now, born Dec 10th, but was really due the middle of Feb., she loves patty cake, and riding the horsey on my knees, first horse is little, so only bounces a little on up to the big horse and the voice gets deep and really bounces, babies love things done over and over. I am a talker...
Does your gd favor her Mother? Maybe you? my 3 year old gd, looks like her Mom and greatgrandmother, at first we thought she looked like Dad, but now its Mom. ladieg

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It is so much fun trying to figure out who our gd is going to take after. She so far looks like her dad, loves food like her dad, and has the determination of her mom. She is quite a little character.

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Ladieg and others,
Join us on We have some good converstations going.
Denors (Lolo)

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I have eight grandchildren and the most important thing to remember in my opinion is to follow the parents rules,but always have fun with your grandchildren.
Lots of love and lots of discipline...usually works.

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I have two gds, they are now 16 years old. I only give advice when I am ask. These are my daughters girls and she has her hands full let me tell you. One of them is just like her and her dad. The other one is easy going but stuborn. I am just glad it is her trying to raise two 16 year old girls in the world today. Her rules are the rules they live by and I make sure they know that. Mom is law and I just have the fun and enjoy them to death.

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Hi, Denora. I'm nana to four girls 8,9,10& 17mon. They are the best blessing I have ever had. We just found out another little one is on the way.Hey! We own a farm and are always busy. My girls are always ready to help. They love to ride the 4-wheeler & tractor with me. We go for long walks in the woods looking for wildflowers, and we always have to have a picknic. Plane simple plesures are the best. My daughter&son truly love have this nana to help with the girls. They live on each side of us so nana & pape jack's house stays full. Full of love**** nanatofourgirls(nana) mabe 5 girls soon. Have a blessed day. Please email.

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