My grandson says....

monicatxAugust 3, 2003

Hi: I thought you would get a charge out of this story: My grandson is given a lot, but not by me. This particular grandson sometimes says that I "hate" him because I correct him. I don't have a lot of extra money, but I do love the grandkids and like to take them to do the stuff my children thought was fun when they were little. Friday I took this boy and his brother to see "Spy Kids 3D",(at a cheap theater) then brought them to my apartment to play and watch cartoons. (it is very hot here, 100+ daily) We had a simple dinner - then at 8:30 pm we walked to the school playground and played til 9:30. They went right to bed on my floor and right to sleep. (At home they are up for hours). In the early morning (7:30am) we went back to the school playground to play, then went to garage sales just for fun. When I took them home, they said what they always say: We had lots of fun and didn't want to come home... So don't pay attention to what the grandchildren say, just keep plowing on just like you did with their parents. Good luck.

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Sometimes just being with the kids for awhile, even watching a viedo for the umpteem time is fun. Reading, letting them read, going for a walk is developing a relationship that will last.

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My grand children loved coming to our home. We garage saled and always bought toys, games, etc. One grandson lived 4 or 5 blocks away and he would come over every Thurs, Fri and Sat evening to see what we bought. I also played Nintendo and Atari with them. When their parents would say, "lets go to grandmas", they would ask, "the grandma with toys"???

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